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If you need to relocate a firearm from one location to another periodically, you should consider using the services of a licensed firearms removals company. Licensed movers can transport firearms in a safe manner so that they remain protected from potential damage during the move. Find out some of the most common ways that firearms are handled by these companies.

When hiring a licensed moving company to transport a gun safe, you will want to ask about the various methods that are safe for use. The amount of space that you can move the safe depends greatly on the size of the safe and the type of safe. Smaller safes as little as 10 feet wide can be safely moved by small truck. Medium to large size safes from 50 feet to more than 100 feet wide should be safely moved using a moving company using heavy equipment. To determine the best method of moving your firearm, you should contact a licensed firearms removals company to discuss your options.

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Many people wonder how they can completely protect their firearm from possible harm while transporting it to a new location. A licensed mover can offer various solutions to keep your valuables safe while traveling. Some gun safes have multiple panes of glass and other highly shatterproof material; others are simply secured with gun safes that are opened only with a code or through the use of a key. Professional moving companies often use special gun safes that open using a combination lock, making them even more secure while moving your valuables.

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How does a licensed gun safe transportation service ensure that your possessions are securely packed and transported? Most professional moving companies will carefully pack firearms in crates for transport. Guns are generally very expensive and are not usually purchased for just the purpose of being moved. Most gun safe companies provide you with a packing list detailing the specific items that will need to be packed and how the items will be packed together. A good moving company will also use boxes and shipping tape to cover any areas that are not in use.

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Moving gun safes typically come in two different forms: with or without a locking device. When using a gun safe for protection, it is vitally important that you use a locking device. While this is not generally a difficult decision, you should not be left in the dark regarding when the locking mechanism will be triggered and how you will know when the gun safe has been accessed. For added security, experienced moving companies will offer a code or another type of security measure that will be triggered should your gun safe be opened.

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Other items that need to be considered when choosing a gun safe moving company include the number of rifles or handguns that will be moved and how many guns need to be safely transported. Many gun safes can hold up to thirty guns. However, most require that no more than twenty guns may be stored at one time. Again, the experienced gun safe mover will be able to inform you of the specific number of rifles or handguns that are required by the local laws to be kept within the safe.

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It is not uncommon for gun safe moving tips to state that it is not a good idea to transport ammunition through a pickup truck since there is increased risk of damage to the vehicle. This is simply not true. Many gun safe mover companies will use special trucks equipped with bullet-resistant windows and siding to protect your ammunition during transportation. In addition, your moving company will provide you with a secure location to store the ammunition while it is waiting to be shipped out.

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One of the most important gun safe moving tips is to use proper packing, protection and transportation methods when transporting firearms. If you are using proper packing methods, it is much less likely that your fragile items will suffer damage during transit. In addition, using proper packing materials is also another way to ensure the safety of your items. A good, thick, plastic wrapping should always be used to wrap all fragile items; however, it is not always necessary. Soft, trash bags work well for temporary storage of your items, but wrapping in a thick cloth or between sheets of newspaper is also a good idea.