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If you are ready to downsize and move into a senior assisted living facility, there are some things that you will need to know before the big day arrives. Senior moving can mean downsizing from an enormous house to a smaller one, relocating to a nursing community, or simply making the transition from an active senior citizen to one who simply requires more care. Whatever your ultimate destination, senior moving and packing should be taken seriously and with great preparation. With the proper help from your trusted relocation professionals, you can make the transition smoothly and successfully. There are several steps that you will need to take when you are preparing for your senior and assisted living move.

The first thing you will want to do is make a plan for all the moving boxes and supplies that you will need. Your senior move managers will ensure that you have enough storage space for everything that will be needed at your new home. This includes furniture, appliances, furnishings, personal items, and more. Make sure that you have enough room for your stuff so that it does not seem like you have been overwhelmed with a large load. Your moving boxes should be arranged in a manner that makes it easy for you to retrieve them and load them into your vehicle.

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Before any of this, you will need to make a list of all the people who will need to be moved from your previous residence to your new home, including all household members and their addresses. This should also include all members of your moving crew, including your driver, packers, movers, etc. You may also leave behind important documents such as pay stubs, insurance policies and a list of everyone who will be helping you. It is always wise to leave behind at least two binders of paper for each person with your moving plans. These can be opened immediately after your move and kept by each person as well as information on how to contact you if they have any questions.

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Before you begin your senior moving plan, you need to be absolutely certain about your priorities. Do you want to move yourself or would you prefer to hire an assisted moving company? You should also consider costs. Depending on whether you live in an assisted living community or another type of retirement community, these costs could be significantly higher than if you chose to move on your own. While you can always find cheaper movers, this can put you in a disadvantage when you are paying for several people to help complete the move. Many of the assisted living communities have a hiring staff that will assist you in the moving process and this can often be less expensive than hiring a separate company.

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After you have made all of your plans, you will need to schedule a post move evaluation with each of the local senior moving services that you have contacted. The purpose of this evaluation is to find out how well you physically moved, if you had problems and if any problems arose as a result of the hiring of your moving service. There are several different ways that you can have your post move evaluation. You can either call the company or have them send someone over to evaluate your home. If you decide to use the company’s representative, then you can schedule this appointment either by phone or online.

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Once your appointment has been scheduled, the representative will come over to your home and assess the situation. There are two different types of assessments that your local senior moving consultants can do. One of the assessments involves simply asking the residents what they thought of the move. This is a good way to get a direct opinion because you are able to hear the response directly from the people who were impacted. Another assessment is more in-depth and this will involve a meeting between the representative and the people who are staying at your home. This meeting will allow the certified senior moving consultants to gather additional information and compare what they heard at the meeting with your own personal feedback.

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Once the meeting is over, the professionals will go over every detail of your move with you. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and to provide additional details if you wish. Most of the time, everything will go smoothly and you will be very pleased with the results. When the day is done, the company will pack up all of your belongings and will transport them to their new destination. The most important thing to remember is that hiring a local senior moving company will ensure that everything goes very smoothly.

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As a reminder, if you have any special needs such as special medications or items you would like to move with your family, you should always discuss these with your moving company before the move. Some companies may even offer a convenient move on your behalf if you have special needs to make. If you want to learn more about how a professional, trusted mover can help you with your next move, then contact them today. They are ready and available to answer any of your questions regarding move preparation, packing, loading and unloading, and more. Contact a trusted moving company today.