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Apartment Moving Services: Can They Do the Job? Apartment moving services, while specializing in moving residential customers, may not have the wide variety of products and services available to other moving companies. Apartment Moving Specialists: What Not They Do? Apartment mover experts may not be trained in every type of move, including residential moves; so, if you hire one, make sure he or she is able to do all the moves you need to make. Apartment Moving Company: What Are They?

Apartment Moving Specialists: What Not They Do? Apartment moving companies aren’t licensed, so they don’t have to comply with local ordinances when it comes to packing and moving your apartment on your behalf. Apartment relocation companies also won’t have your insurance paperwork or other forms of proof of insurance. Apartment moving companies do not provide customers with either the materials needed for moving, or with packing and loading materials. Apartment relocation companies don’t have the proper permits to do unloading at either the new or old addresses, so any damages they inflict on your belongings during the move will not be covered. Apartment moving companies charge additional for this service.

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Apartment Moving Specialists: What Do they Do? Apartment moving specialists are independent contractors who are trained in the art of moving residential customers’ apartment units and have the knowledge and expertise needed to move the job efficiently and to keep their customers satisfied. Apartment moving specialists can also offer packing and loading services at a flat rate, or they may offer multiple moving packages, depending on how large the move is.

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How Do Apartment Moving Companies Work? Apartment moving companies simply work with you as a client. You make the necessary decisions about the size of the move, the modes of transportation (including self-assembly, remote control loading and unloading, or professional transport), and what materials you want to use. Apartment relocation specialists then create a personalized relocation plan just for your needs and prepare the necessary paperwork. They collect all of the necessary forms and documents, review your plans, contact any local moving companies they are affiliated with, and deliver them to you or directly to your new address.

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How Do Apartment Moving Companies Pack and Unload the Furnished Apartment? Apartment moving companies rent trucks to load and unload your belongings. Many truck rental agencies are located locally or can be easily contacted online. After the truck arrives, your belongings are unpacked and organized according to your instructions.

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Do I Have to Move My Renter’s Furniture? Apartment moving experts carefully pack each tenant’s furniture. If you are renting an apartment, some landlords provide their own furniture. Apartment movers will generally grade the quality of the furniture and pack it for you in order to keep your expectations realistic. Once unpacked, your renters’ furniture is ready to start unpacking again.

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Will My Apartment Moves Meals and Are Clothes Meals Available? Apartment moving companies do not provide dry-cleaning services. Apartment movers will call or visit your location to make sure everything is available to start unpacking on the move. Apartment movers will generally re-store your clothing and other small items in a temperature controlled environment.

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Am I Moving My Pets? Pets are often considered as part of the belongings that cannot be moved. Apartment moving company professionals will generally advise you that pets cannot be packed with other belongings. However, if you have a large pet, the professional movers will assist you with loading it on the truck and will have professionals with you to pack your pet’s belongings into your moving truck.