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If you’re not familiar with the term, you may ask yourself what exactly is furniture assembly and how does it work? Well, furniture assembly refers to the process of putting together various pieces of furniture, whether it be a dresser dining table or any other piece. Furniture moving companies offer this kind of service as well as storage services. Furniture moving companies pack and reassemble your items at your home or business, whether requested or on a regular basis. They do all the work from start to finish, from picking up the pieces to putting them together properly.

The process of furniture assembly can include many different processes such as: installation, disassembly and packing. Each of these steps is an individual one, however, no matter what it is that they do, they all go hand in hand. For example, an installation service would use disassembly to put your new piece into place. Once the entire piece is disassembled, it is then packed and reinstalled back into your original location.

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Disassembly consists of taking the individual parts, cutting them down to their barest minimum, and putting them back together again. Furniture disassembling typically takes about two to three hours, depending on the size of the item and the type of process involved. In order to get an accurate national average cost for furniture assembly, companies need to know the value of each part adds to the finished product. This information is usually provided on the packing slip that you receive when you purchase your items from the store. Furniture companies use this information to come up with an accurate national average cost.

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Another common term in the industry is an assembler. An assembler is a person who provides the assistance necessary to put your ordered item together. The typical assembler will either be a carpenter or a router technician. A furniture assembler can either be a mason, carpenter, or router technician. Some people who assemble furniture may not even have a formal education, yet they can still easily provide quality furniture assembly services to their customers.

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Some companies have a minimum amount of time that an assembler must spend assembling an item. Other companies have a minimum number of pieces that an assembler has to complete in a certain amount of time. Many companies allow their assemblers to take breaks between completed jobs. Some companies also charge extra fees if the customer requests to increase the amount of materials used or ask that the assembler to add something else to the original order. Furniture assemblers charge different amounts based on how much time it will take to produce the finished product.

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Pricing for furniture assembly services will also differ depending on what type of product you have. Most commonly, cabinets and desks are sold by weight. The price will also be determined by the overall weight of the item as well as the size of the unit. The price of a single piece will be higher than the price of a set unit. However, when you factor in the time it takes to complete the job, the difference in overall cost can become minimal.

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Other services that will vary depending on the company include installation, finishing, repainting, finishing details, finishing tools and more. Installation prices will always be more expensive than that of finishing or repainting services because it includes the cost of tools and materials needed for the project. However, if you want to have your furniture assembly professionally installed then you may have to pay a bit more depending on the company you choose.

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As you can see, there are many options when it comes to Furniture Assemble. If you want to save money or find a way fair way to assemble your piece then you may want to consider using an option from Wayfair. This company offers many options for those looking for unique, affordable and customizable ways to complete their home. They offer furniture assembly at a reasonable price, a wayfair way to do it, and in a timely way. Whether you want to add an item to your collection of one piece or you need to complete an entire furnishing project, Wayfair can help.