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Gun safes are moving necessities when you have a gun. Gun safes are designed to keep your handgun safe from harm so that when you bring it out, no one can shoot it at you and cause death or injury. Gun safes can be broken down into several different sizes and designs, such as pistol, long gun, pistol safe, mini gun, and home safe gun safe.

Gun safes should always be carefully examined when moving them from one location to another, because if there is even the slightest misalignment, it can cause injury to you or the contents of your safe. So, when you are doing a home move, or even a local move, never use your own strength to pull on or jostle the safe, as this too can cause injury. Always call on your trusted friends or family members with enough strength to lift the safe and move it; if no one is around, then just go ahead and call on all of the movers in your area. Otherwise, never try to move large items like a gun safe by yourself without the help of others. Gun safes should be opened in pairs, never one by itself, and never on your own.

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One of the first things you will want to ask yourself when hiring a moving company is what kind of gun safe they carry. Ask the moving company how many times they have successfully moved a gun safe; inquire about their training in the move of this type of item. The more experience the movers have, the more securely your safe can be moved; and the more quickly you can schedule your move. The more reputable moving companies will have a list on hand of only the best, fully insured, and licensed moving companies in your local area.

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If you are worried about injuries, let the professional mover know. While any moving activity is not likely to lead to any injuries, you may want to mention this to the professional mover. Also, let the professional mover know of any previous insurance claims for damage or injury that may have occurred during the move of your guns. This will give them an opportunity to make sure their employees are not responsible for any mishaps.

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Make sure that your guns are packed properly and securely. Many gun safes are made of wood, and must be placed in a wood fired fireplace or other heating device in order to protect them from moisture. In the event of a move in cold weather, this may not be possible, and the moving company will require you to store the guns far away from heat and light. If there are any long guns or rifles involved, be sure to pack them as well, even if they are not being moved.

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Movers will often use special gun-safe anchors that can be screwed into studs in concrete. These anchors will provide additional support, keeping the guns from tipping over backwards. This extra weight can be significant, especially during the move. If the movers use special equipment to secure each anchor, this can be especially helpful.

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Finally, if you are storing your weapons at home, there is an additional safety precaution that many people fail to consider. Ask your moving company if they have any special storage units that are specifically designed for guns. It is a good idea to check with the local law enforcement before proceeding, just in case there are any restrictions or laws against transporting firearms in the vehicle. Fully licensed and insured moving companies will make every attempt to ensure that you remain safe and secure during your move.

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Moving guns is a sensitive matter. If you choose gun-safe movers to help you with the move, they should work closely with you to ensure that you are properly prepared. It is important that you fully understand the limitations and requirements of fully licensed firearms. Moving your firearms is simply one more responsibility that you must be certain that the licensed and insured moving company is aware of. If they are unsure of anything, ask questions.