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When you decide to move your guns into a storage facility, it is important to know what steps you must take to ensure that your guns are in the safest possible hands. While this article may not cover all of the specific safety issues associated with storage of firearms, it serves as a quick reference guide for gun-moving companies and individuals. For information relative to moving a gun safe, please contact either the National Gun Association (NGA) or local gun stores. Moving guns safely is often dependent upon the type of gun and the professional that will be handling the gun. Correctly moving a gun safe requires special attention to details.

Knowing how to move a gun safe begins with understanding how they work. A gun safe is designed to keep firearms secure in a container that is highly resistant to the elements. Moving any type of firearm in or around a building can be extremely dangerous; hence, this must be done carefully. Moving Tips:

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Know exactly how your chosen moving company plans to transport your firearms. There are several different options available. If using an open top container, ensure that there is a way for the chain to reconnect if one of the securing straps become loose. If transporting in a closed container such as a storage unit or warehouse, ensure that there are multiple points of connecting straps so that the chain does not separate. Correctly moving a gun safe requires careful planning and attention to detail.

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Ask any moving company that you contact how they go about moving gun safes. Do they use regular trucks to transport them or will they use specialized machinery? What type of equipment do they use? Do they use a trailer or are they using a large truck and pulley system? The answers to these questions are important to help protect your items.

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Are you using a stairway to move the gun safe through the building or are you doing the move on the floor? Gun safe moves can be done in either manner but it is important that the stairway or floor is clear to move the safe from location to location. Moving a safe via stairs can present a number of issues ranging from getting the safe stuck, slipping, tripping, getting the safe into the wrong place or getting it damaged by other elements during the move. Gun safe stairlifts can be installed to make the move easy and safe. Stairlifts are a common feature found in homes as well as businesses.

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One of the most important aspects of how to move a gun safe is making sure it is secured to the moving truck. How will you know when the safe has been securely placed into the truck and secured? You can use a receiver latch which will prevent the safe from opening while the truck is in the moving position. Other receiver latches include a bull nose which blocks the safe from being opened from the rear, a crank latch which requires a wrench to open and a double-sided tape lock which can be locked to keep out of the truck and out of the way during the move.

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How to move a gun safe depends on whether it is being moved in one piece or if it needs to be disassembled and pieces separated before the move. Gun safes can be large or small and some can be quite heavy. The weight should be factored into the moving plan to determine how many gun safe movers will be required. Many of the guns can be moved in just one person; others need at least two people to adequately move them. How to move a gun safe with more than one person is beyond the scope of this article but a professional moving company should be consulted to get a better idea of the moving situation. They can also advise on the best way to proceed with a specific type of move.

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Gun safe moving companies can provide advice on how to move a gun safe with a maximum of disruption to the client and what safety procedures are followed during the move. A good moving company will have local contacts that are familiar with the area and who are able to offer references to gun safe movers. There are many types of movers and it is important to research all the options to determine which is best for the move of your safe. Gun safes are one of the most sensitive items and need to be handled with care and precautions. Using experienced gun safe movers will insure that your safe travels safely and back to its original location.