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Experienced in senior moving, special offers that save you money and time: professional assistance in downsizing, safety, compliance, and first-rate service. We help customers worldwide in moving and packing. Some of us are elderly, disabled or have an illness. For many others, the end of life is nagging questions, the end of a career or changes in the household.

Experienced movers in senior relocation business who understand and execute an extensive variety of specialized moving and packing solutions. Many of us are grieving spouses, family or friends moving from a familiar environment to a new residence or just plain from our long-term place of life. Some are aging, some disabled, others in hospital. All is moving forward in a new phase of their life. We help senior clients maximize their comfort, minimize their disruption and maximize their resale value while effectively packaging and relocating them to a new residence or a new life.

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Whether your home has been sold, moved to another location or the basement apartment has been rented for a year-to-year, movers in senior relocation service to help customers in a variety of ways. We have the insides and the outsides on every level of moving and packing. The whole staff consists of licensed, bonded, insured professionals whose resumes reveal their knowledge and experience with all types of moving situations. We provide superior customer service in every way to make sure you have a moving experience of a lifetime. Some of the common services include:

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– Downsizing a larger residential residence into a smaller residential one. – Relocation and packing of an elderly parent or adult child from a smaller residence to a new senior living facility or assisted living facility. – Moving an adult child (with a disability) or an older adult in a smaller apartment or condominium unit where there is no other bathroom or similar access.

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When hiring a senior moving company, take time to look at the various services we offer. If you are moving from out of town or a different state, ask about our nationwide services. In some cases, moving companies specialize in only a particular area. For instance, in Illinois we serve Riverwoods and Pensacola area. With our nationwide network of moving professionals, no matter where you live in the US, we can find the perfect professional moving and packing service to move your senior loved ones from place to place quickly, easily and safely.

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– Senior move managers are responsible for the entire senior moving process. Senior move managers are assigned to specific clients to ensure that all of their needs are fulfilled. These senior managers are very familiar with all of the inside and outside processes involved with moving senior adults. They are also responsible for making sure that all of the senior’s personal belongings and household items are packed, insured and ready to be moved to their new destination.

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– If you have made the decision to relocate your senior loved one, the best time to begin the process is during the last week of your senior year. Many people decide to sell their homes during their senior years so they can purchase a new home. Selling an existing home allows you to obtain the most competitive prices on a new home. We strongly encourage that you sell your house on your own terms, so that you can determine its price and quality. It can be difficult adjusting to a new home when you’ve already spent several years in an old one. Sell your house to the highest bidder and avoid paying the home seller’s high commission.

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For many families, downsizing is a way to free up valuable income to pay for more important expenses. The downsizing and the resulting reduction in personal care time may be just what your senior loved one needs to feel comfortable settling into a new environment. Senior moving professionals provide expert knowledge and experience in order to help you make the transition smoothly and efficiently. Whether you decide to personally move your senior loved one or hire a professional moving company to do it for you, rest assured that the process will be less stressful and less expensive than if you attempted it on your own.