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Gun safes and moving tips can ensure an easy and safe move of your gun safe from one location to another. Gun owners who are not knowledgeable about how to move a gun safe will find this article useful. This article is not written by or checked for accuracy by a doctor.

To begin, remember to unpack your safe in an area where it is unlikely that any toddlers or pets will be walking by. Gun safes can be quite heavy. So, do not move the gun on your own, especially if there are stairs involved. This can be quite dangerous, as we know, especially when you are upstairs in a house, while you’re gun is on the stairway. Gun-moving companies can supply moving directions. There are many reputable and experienced companies that will advise you how to move a gun safe from one floor to another.

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You’ll want to check with the gun safe moving company before you make your move that if you are packing the safe for local delivery or pick up, that you will have at least 48 hours to do so. Guns are quite fragile. So, gun-moving companies usually recommend that you ship the safe via UPS or FedEx. An additional cost may apply if you choose this option.

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When packing your gun safe for shipping, be sure to pack it in a box smaller than the size of the item. A variety of gun safe moving tips are available online. But, here are some of the most important moving tips. If you are moving the safe from indoors to outdoors, you should empty any ammunition and bullet rolls and place them separately into new boxes. Also, remove any personal belongings, such as watches or jewelry, from the safe in which they will not be damaged.

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If you have a stairwell, do not transport the gun safe on its own steps. Gun-moving services will usually provide a stairwell-assisted transportation on the stairs. It’s a good idea to put some tape over the stairs to keep prying hands from reaching the gun and its ammunition. Many gun safe movers provide a secure-tight wrap around, as well. You can use double-sided tape for this job. But, make sure you use the non-magnetic tape to prevent fraying of the non-magnetic parts on the stairwell.

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Before the movers leave your house, they often offer gun-safe-removals. Ask if this is possible. Often, the movers charge extra if you decide to move the safe on your own. A gun safe moving company understands this and offers an alternative if it is not possible to move the safe on your own.

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If you want to keep the gun safe while the movers are packing it, you should ask the moving company how to pack the safe for you. Ask them about the different ways to pack the safes and ask them to help you pack the safe for your removal. Keep in mind that some safes can only be opened with a special key; others must be opened with a combination of a combination number and an access code. In addition, some safes can only be accessed from the top or bottom; others must be accessed from the side, according to the type of gun safe.

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All these factors will play into how safe the gun safe is during the move. Keep in mind that gun safes are sensitive pieces of machinery. They are not suitable for home moves. If you have a gun safe and are considering using professional moving company, ask them about their safety procedures first.