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As senior getting older it is important to plan moving or downsizing properly. A move can be stressful especially when you are unsure of what exactly needs to be moved and how much space is available. It is important to start your moving plan as early as possible so that you have enough time to properly coordinate all the tasks, from packing to moving and downsizing to storage. Here are some of the major steps involved in moving and packing for a senior move:

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Find the right moving companies: The right moving companies are crucial for any move of this magnitude. Research and verify the moving companies according to reputability, reliability and experience. Check customer reviews and feedback. Find out the movers’ insurance coverage. Most senior customers would also need insurance coverage as many accidents occur when moving vans are in transit.

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Make the right choices: Decide what stuff you want to move. For instance if you will be shifting your entire household, breakables, artwork, antiques, office furniture, clothing, bikes or even cars; decide all this and more before contacting senior moving services and requesting quotes. Do not leave all the work up to the professional movers. Tell them all the details so that they can quote an appropriate price. It is better to get estimates from at least three to four moving companies so that you can compare prices. Find out about the moving company’s free consultation facilities as this can help you to find out more about their services and pricing structure.

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Organizing your things: After deciding on the stuff to move, it is time to organize it. If you are doing this yourself, get yourself organized by writing a note a day before. For instance, list down all the rooms, appliances, furniture and any other items which you will have to pack with your clothes for the move. Write down the reason for moving, your reasons for organizing and for downsizing. List down all the things that you may need for organizing and unpacking.

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Pack your things: As per the instructions given by senior relocation business, the movers will pack everything for you so that you don’t have to worry about it during the move. Your old residence should be handed over to the company at least a week before the actual relocation date. At this point, you can start packing up your house with the help of packing supplies and accessories. If you are not skilled at packing, ask someone who is skilled to pack everything for you. Decide whether you will be renting storage spaces for storing your belongings for few days, few weeks or longer and then pack them up in the proper manner so that they don’t occupy much space in the new residence.

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Renting a moving container: Many people opt for hiring professional moving companies to do the entire moving process for them. These moving companies take care of the whole moving process including the packing, loading and unloading. The companies charge accordingly based on the moving rates and the kind of belongings that are being moved. Most of the moving companies have their own packers and movers, so you don’t have to worry about those details. Some moving companies also provide insurance for damaged items during the moving process, so you can ask them if that is what you need too.

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Aid for assistance during the unpacking: Even if you have hired professional movers, you can’t be sure that they will complete the packing task perfectly and quickly. If there are any damages, delayed or anything irregular during packing process, you may be liable to incur some charges. So, ask the moving company if they provide any such assistance for their clients. They can even arrange for someone to stay with you in your hotel for few days just so that unpacking process is completed smoothly.