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Gun safes are one of the best kept secrets of the gun owning community. Not only are they a safe haven for keeping your guns safely away from children but they are also a great place to store valuables and money. There is little that can top gun safe moving if you are considering the move of a gun safe. Moving a gun safe itself is a special task and often involves some specialized tools. Yet, there is a right way to proceed to minimize the risk and damage to your gun. The method often requires some skill and special equipment but will work wonderfully for all standard gun safe applications.

Always refer to your manufacturer’s instructions on how to move a gun safe and other special moves. They will provide you with moving tips that will protect your gun safe and make the move a smoother process. Before you do anything, be sure to secure any necessary equipment, including your gun safe itself. Then, follow the moving tips below to ensure your move goes smoothly.

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Hire a Professional Mover: Moving gun safes can be tricky and are best left to the experts. While you may be able to perform the move yourself, it is often more convenient and safe for you to hire a professional moving company. If you are going to attempt the move without the help of a professional, be sure to check out the company and ask for referrals. There are many moving companies available in your area that can help with any gun safe move.

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Make a List: Gather together the names of several professional moving companies. Contact each of them and ask if they offer gun safe transportation. Many moving companies offer this type of service and it would save you time to contact several before deciding on one. Be sure to call all the movers and request estimates.

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Compare Pricing: Moving day is often when people are most anxious. Therefore, price is an important consideration. In general, gun safe movers charge more than for ordinary moving services. Still, there are many movers that provide extremely competitive prices.

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Hire a Professional: Using a professional mover for gun safe moving will guarantee that everything goes smoothly and you receive your gun safe the way it arrived. Do not attempt the move on your own. A professional moving truck makes it easy because they know how to handle these types of moving devices. Also, they have the right equipment and manpower on hand to ensure your valuables are transported safely and securely.

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Arrange for Additional Help: If the local gun safe movers cannot do the relocation for you, ask if you can hire a few extra people or services. You may want to contact the local business community as well to inquire about any extra assistance you may need. They may have contacts for local professionals who could help. Contacting family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers may also give you the leads you need to get to hiring the right professionals for your relocation.

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Finally, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a gun owner. They typically have the skills necessary to perform a difficult job and can save you both time and stress. If you are uncomfortable asking for a loan from your local gun store to cover the cost of your relocation, simply ask the shop owner if they would be willing to let you use their equipment for free. Usually, they will be more than happy to accommodate such a request.