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Are you a gun owner? Do you have a gun safe? Then you are probably a little bit gun-shy when it comes to what you do with your guns. For years people have been storing guns in their cars, attics, closets, even their basement or garage – in other words, just about anywhere you can imagine a gun could go. The problem is, if you store your guns incorrectly, it’s very easy to end up with a tragedy.

In truth, gun safe moving experts will tell you that it’s probably smart to not even attempt to move a gun safe on your own. Even the pros at gun-safe moving companies know this. It’s why they offer professional movers. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move a gun safe by yourself; in fact, with a professional gun safe moving company you’ll save time and aggravation. Here are some moving tips to make gun safe moving easy.

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What is a gun safe moving company? Well, they’re the guys who move the gun safes (and other important items) from place to place. They’re also the guys who do the lifting and packing for you. You don’t have to worry about lifting anything, just pack it. A professional moving team will use special equipment to lift heavy items, so you don’t have to be concerned about lifting anything, and your gun safe will be very easy to move when you’re done.

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How does a professional moving crew protect your gun safe? When you move a gun safe the professionals use high tech gun safes that are reinforced with bulletproof glass. These are very tough and durable and have high security features that protect your belongings. These safes are also waterproof which means they can’t be flooded or frozen. Plus the experienced moving crew will only use experienced professionals who are well trained and have the proper moving equipment.

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How does a professional move a gun safe from one place to another? When the professional movers load up your safe, they’ll disassemble it and install special lock boxes on both sides of the safe so that only you have access to the inside of it. Then the moving truck will use an approved dolly to safely slide the safe inside your new location. The dolly is designed to be very secure, making it impossible to roll or push into place. Plus the dolly is equipped with locking mechanisms to keep it safe while inside your new safe.

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Do I need a special dolly for my safe? The dolly comes with many extra features, including a lifting handle, ratchet straps, and wheels. It’s designed to be very stable and will support the safe at any speed. Some safes are so heavy that they’re placed on the ground during the move. Moving a safe this way is very dangerous, so many movers won’t do it unless it’s absolutely necessary. The dolly will also help protect you from falling down stairs if you have to move from one floor to another during the move.

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What are some common problems with moving gun safes? Many gun owners have told horror stories about the many different types of problems they have had trying to move their firearms between floors in their homes, commercial spaces, and hotels. Many of these problems involved not having a dolly, or a reliable stair lift to get down the stairs safely.

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Is it possible to use just regular furniture items to move a gun safe? Yes, you can. Many professional movers will offer to move firearms this way, but it’s not recommended. The weight and balance of the safe itself may become too much to handle for just a standard sofa, so it’s better to use a dolly or a safe-lifting gate to move your handgun safe between floors.