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So you have decided to move to a senior living facility or assisted living apartment. Now it is time to make a decision about senior moving and packing. You need a professional service to help you with all of the details from start to finish. Here are some important questions to ask any moving company about their moving and packing services:

Does the company use high-tech cameras during the entire moving and packing process? Do they video tape your house to review for any mistakes during the move and packing process? Video tape will help you see if anything was missed during the move and packing process, such as missing electrical outlets or non-standard appliances. Most movers and Packers provide 24 hour access to view and monitor the house, possessions, and belongings.

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How many staff members does the company have? What are their average years of service? How many assisted living facility locations does the company serve? How many of your relatives or friends do you expect to move in with you? If you expect a large group of family and friends, be sure that you get an estimate of the moving cost ahead of time, because the more people you tell about your downsizing and the more locations you tell the movers and Packers to move you to, the more they will charge for moving and packing. Get several price quotes and estimates before the date of the move.

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Find out if you will be assigned a packer once the movers begin to pick up your belongings. Some senior moving companies do not assign packers, so you may end up driving all around town trying to find a packer. This can be very stressful. You should also find out if the senior moving service will provide a loading ramp rental. This is an important decision because it can often make the senior’s trip easier.

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A great way to find out if a senior moving service is doing a good job is to call them to set up an appointment. You should plan to spend at least thirty minutes with the movers. Ask plenty of questions about their experience moving senior citizens, if they are properly insured, and if they provide detailed written moving instructions. Of course, if you already know you will be moving a large group of elderly people, it is probably better to find a local moving service and skip all of this extra prep work. However, since most of us have experienced a few ups and downs while dealing with moving companies, we may feel better knowing our relatives’ senior movers will be well prepared for our convenience.

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The senior movers will need to make sure that they pack everything in the right boxes. They will need to rent a truck equipped with enough room for all the boxes and documentation needed for the move. This means the truck will need to be filled with furniture, appliances, hospital beds, crutches, canes, walkers, canes, and other large medical items. If you want the transportation for free, look into agencies that will pick up your belongings after the movers leave, so the burden of moving everything seems less. Check into this option before hiring senior moving services.

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Another important detail to discuss with any senior moving service you consider hiring is what you can expect for their customer service. While many have been able to provide detailed feedback on how their agents helped their clients, there are some who still haven’t received satisfactory customer service ratings. A better idea than just reading off the phone book is to ask the movers for references and recommendations from family members or friends who have used the company. It never hurts to ask whether or not the service was efficient, helpful, timely, and friendly.

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The reality is that seniors can move to a new home quickly, safely, and with minimal fuss. They simply need to take the time to learn about their options, contact a reliable, senior moving company, and make sure the company is able to help them get prepared for their moves. With some simple preparation and research, even older people can move into their new homes with confidence.