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Whether you are relocating aSouth Elgin or across the country, there are some things that you should know about moving your piano. If you are not familiar with how to move a piano you should call up a local piano mover and ask them questions. If you are moving a piano long distance you should be prepared for the cost and any associated expenses. Here are some suggestions on how to move a piano.

Although it is technically possible to move a piano yourself, very often it is better to hire professional piano moving equipment. For an object as valuable and complex as this, it would be wise to leave it in the hands of the professionals. It is quite easy to locate a local moving company that offers piano moving service at affordable prices, and many of them will even include piano moving into the total package. This includes removing the upright piano top, taking it to the local dealership, disassembling the instrument to be moved, packing it in a box, and loading it into the truck of your choice. Some people choose to store their grand moving equipment in lockers until they are ready to move it. Others choose to rent portable moving boxes from a moving rental company.

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A professional piano mover will let you know upfront how much the move will cost. This will help you to budget accordingly. You should also inquire about any additional costs that may occur such as, do they charge extra for moving day or if they charge a flat rate. Most companies offer great customer service and will work hard to ensure satisfaction with all of your piano moving needs.

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Many people feel uncomfortable tackling such a large and heavy instrument and this is why professional piano movers are needed. However, it can be done by yourself if you are a technically inclined person who has taken piano lessons in the past. The major consideration when it comes to moving pianos is making sure it is safe on the road. If you are not skilled with moving small or large items, then hiring a professional moving company makes perfect sense.

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How to move a piano by yourself: When crating a piano, it should always be done in an organized fashion, especially when transporting it long distances. Always make certain that the crating system you have purchased is strong enough to safely transport the instrument without breaking it. Professional movers should be able to assist you in any way necessary, whether that is crating or transporting the instrument to your new home. With the proper crating system in place, your piano should be ready to play on the other side. You should keep in mind that the larger and heavier the instrument, the more care you will need to give it when crating it.

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How to reduce piano moving cost: The simplest way to lower your moving costs is to rent a truck and driver for the move. This will reduce the overall cost of the move significantly, as the truck will be used. Renting a truck is usually only going to be about twenty to thirty dollars per day, depending upon the distance of the distance you plan to travel. Using a local moving service can often times be much cheaper due to economies of scale, so if you are planning to relocate to a smallSouth Elgin, a local service may be able to provide you with a better deal. However, renting makes the transaction itself very simple and efficient, allowing you to pay a lower price and save even more money by cutting down on your overall move.

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One other way to save on moving costs is to avoid placing the instrument on non-sloping floors. This means that if you do intend to use stairs to transport the instrument, you should carefully measure the stairs to ensure that there is not a hazard with respect to the placement of the instrument on them. It is especially important to do this if the staircase is narrow or has sharp edges or protrusions. If you have already placed the instrument on the stairs, then placing it on a flat surface such as a concrete walk may also increase the likelihood that the steps will get damaged while transporting the instrument. For this reason, many movers choose to avoid placing the instrument on non-sloping surfaces during the move.

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There are also several things you can do to reduce the size of the instrument in the transport. A great way to do this is to purchase two skid boards and place these on either side of the keyboard. Some movers prefer to use special pads that reduce the amount of movement that occurs while the piano is being moved, but many movers prefer to use standard, inexpensive pads. Regardless of which option you choose, however, be sure to carefully remove the old pad(s) before putting the new one in place. This will help you ensure that the skid boards will not interfere with the movement of the instrument.

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