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Moving a hot tub involves a variety of special equipment that must be properly transported and handled. Moving a hot tub requires professional hot tub movers to transport and place the spa on the ground. Moving a hot tub can be difficult for amateurs and small moving companies with little experience. Professionals use special hot tub moving equipment to safely move and lift a spa on a flat or uneven surface.

Moving a hot tub involves many different pieces of moving equipment such as: hot tub lift dollies, hydraulic crane, tie downs, rollers, pool table moving cage, and above ground trucks. The total moving cost can vary based on each piece of equipment and the distance and size of the spa. A professional moving company will use custom equipment to move the spa to your home or business. Moving a spa using this type of equipment can save a homeowner thousands of dollars. Hot tub moving companies charge based on the per hour rate.

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Hotels, condos and offices typically provide a security or “house” service where homeowners are provided with a padlock and code to enter the premises. Hotels usually provide locks on all guest rooms and exits and there may not be house movers available to move your belongings in and out of the hotel. Businesses offer similar amenities and often have on staff movers. When hiring a moving company in Illinois, familiarizing yourself with local laws and regulations is important.

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Hot tub movers in Illinois can help you with any number of relocation tasks including but not limited to, residential moving, commercial moves, and industrial moves. Many moving companies also offer mobile caravans. A mobile caravan is simply a large moving truck that can transport your spa, boat or other items securely from one location to another. Most companies have a fleet of trucks equipped with spa dollies and moving pods. Spa dolly: these are special dollies that secure your hot tub to a flat bed. Moving pods: these are special moving boxes that can be fitted to most types of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, minivans, and RVs.

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Hot tub movers in Illinois have specialized dolly and pod combinations and will be able to quote a price on a 1 truck, minivan, or sedan. Most movers in Illinois offer a free quote and will use their knowledge of the Illinois highway and state codes to estimate how long the job will take. Moving companies in Illinois are required to provide insurance for any residential or commercial relocation, and will be more than willing to do so. Any questions about the particulars of your move should be referred to your moving company.

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Moving companies in Illinois are required by law to submit proof of insurance to the Illinois State Insurance Department upon request. The minimum amount of coverage required by Illinois is five hours. Some companies may offer a packing allowance, which means they will pay for the moving costs only, and allow you to pack and load your belongings yourself. Hot tubs and all other items transported must be covered by insurance. Many times movers will charge a one-time packing fee in addition to the actual moving costs.

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The specialized moving company will also be able to supply you with a list of approved moving companies in Illinois, as well as a list of recommended local distributors. You should also be given access to a list of approved movers and if necessary, a list of recommended hot tub dealers. Once your spa and other belongings are at the new destination, contact the movers to make arrangements for the packing and loading. Most companies will provide you with prepaid packing and loading materials, and you can choose to use your own equipment or have a professional packing and loading service use their equipment. The cost of the supplies needed for packing will vary; and you should contact the moving company to determine a cost estimate prior to moving day.

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Hiring movers will make this difficult and stressful move much easier. Instead of dreading the idea of moving your hot tub and other belongings, simply contact movers and let them do the work. If you have friends or family who are willing to help, it will make the move that much easier. A moving company in Illinois will handle most everything and will even provide insurance to cover all of your property. Just contact JC Movers & Lumper Service lncs for your needs, and enjoy the peaceful rest of owning your dream home. Contacting moving companies in Illinois before moving, making appointments, and hiring movers will make your life easier.

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