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When it comes time to relocate your guns or other equipment there are a number of steps involved in preparing the safe for the move. This can include packing, securing the item, securing a safe, securing a new place to stay, and of course making sure that everything goes in your new location in one piece. Properly moving a gun safe will reduce the risk of damage and injury to you and your family.

The Proper Way to Move A Gun Safe How to move a gun safe is not an easy task for the nonprofessional or inexperienced, but it can be done with proper planning. The method takes some special equipment and expertise but does work well for many of electronic safe gun safes. Always refer to your company’s moving policy for the best moving options for your type of equipment. If you find that you have to do it all yourself, be sure that you take your own personal safety into consideration. Always remember to leave the professional moving of heavier-duty gun safe safes and specialty moves to the pros, but be on hand to help if needed.

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The Best Site Protection When hiring a professional or experienced moving company, be sure that they have the right tools, equipment and training for safely moving your gun safe and other heavy items. The best method of securing the safe is using site protection. Although, this may sound difficult it is a necessary precaution against potential theft or damage.

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The First Step How to move a gun safe involves first ensuring the proper height and placement. For this you will need two people to lift the gun safe by 4 inches on each side and at shoulder level. Then place the safe on a flat surface with the bottom face down. Locate the two people who will be working on your move and make certain that they are the only ones helping you.

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The Second Step in learning how to move a gun safe involves using special equipment. To accomplish this you will need at least two people on each side of the gun safe and between twelve to twenty-four inches away from the gun safe. Using the special equipment, position the safe at ground level and drill a small hole. Once the hole is drilled cover it with a piece of plywood. This setup should be adequate to allow the gun safe mover to move the safe by lifting it up onto the plywood. However, you should also consider adding a padlock if desired.

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The third step in learning how to move a gun safe involves removing the contents of the safe as directed. Then the gun safe can be safely lifted into the moving truck without anyone getting hurt. Some people prefer to load the contents of their guns into plastic bags while others find a box or bag in a junk drawer and keep the other contents in the truck. All the gun safe moving tips are based around personal preferences and there is certainly not shortage of them if you search online.

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The fourth step in learning how to move a gun safe involves preparing the area where the move is to take place. If this is done correctly then the gun safe can be slid under the truck without anyone getting hurt. You will also want to secure the ground on which the move is taking place to limit any movement during the move. This can be done by using netting or cement. The gun safe professional movers will have a variety of options available to them depending on the preferences of the home owner.

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The fifth and final step in learning how to move a gun safe involves carefully examining the inside of the container. If any damage is found it can be repaired or replaced. But the real question that needs to be asked is how old is it? If it is an antique then you may well have to spend some money to have it moved to a safe custodian. As with any moving operation it is best to hire professional mover companies to do the job properly.