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Whether you are purchasing ready to assemble furniture or putting together pieces of antique furniture, you can count on your local moving company to help put it all together for you. If you are interested in RTA, contact your local moving company and ask about their moving services for RTA. They will gladly put furniture together for you as long as you are within the same city. Furniture assembly is not always available, but if you want to assemble a particular type of furniture, such as antique furniture, contact your local mover to see if they have it available. In most cases they will have a special order division that will help put furniture together for you.

Home furniture assembly costs depend on the type of furniture you want to assemble and how it will be put together. Average costs for common types of furniture assembly include: assembly per hour, per piece, per day, per week, or per month. Average costs for antique furniture assembly generally include: hourly rate, per piece, per day, per week, or per month. To get an exact estimate, contact your local moving company and find out what their average cost is for furniture assembly.

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Most home improvement stores offer on site furniture assembly or disassembly. Some retailers who sell RTA also offer disassembly at their store locations. For those that don’t offer disassembly or on site furniture assembly, most movers that provide home improvement services also offer free door-to-door delivery to their customers. Contact your local movers to find out if they offer free delivery and if they have a door-to-door furniture assembly service.

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To get a national average cost, it would be best to contact national furniture manufacturers directly. They typically allow customers to create a customized quote by providing basic information. Furniture assembly does not include any installation or finishing charges because this is done by the manufacturer before the items are delivered to the customer. Furniture assembly usually costs from anywhere from one to five cents per piece, depending on the type of material, size, and type of frame used.

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How do you know the national average furniture assembly service cost? This price can be found on any furniture manufacturers’ Web site or can be obtained by contacting your local movers. When contacting the national average, it is helpful to know the square footage of the space you are trying to assemble, the type of materials being used, and the number of pieces you need to assemble. The size and weight of the items being assembled will influence the price. Ask the moving service companies you are considering if they have special equipment that can assist in the assembly of large items.

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Some assembly tasks, such as table assembly and chair assembly, require a more technical approach. Professional furniture disassembly experts provide these services. Depending on the type of product, some assembly may be required. Common assembly requirements for furniture items include assembly of drawers, shelves, cabinet handles, hinges, drawer liners, screws, and nails.

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Moving and flat pack furniture assembly experts can advise you on the proper tools and equipment to assemble your item. They can show you how to properly use the appropriate tools and how to store them. Some assembly tools can be purchased at your local hardware store. Others must be purchased through a dealer or the moving company that arranged for the move.

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Furniture disassemblers can pack each item separately to save you time and make it easier to transport the pieces. They can also pack your items for storage in boxes that are too large to fit into most moving trucks. You can have your furniture assembled or moved when it’s most convenient for you, not when another furniture assemble services provider is available. When your living room furniture assembly needs to be moved, simply call or email the moving company and let them schedule a pick-up date. Then they can disassemble the pieces and pack them for transport to their new destination.