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Virgil Senior Movers

Experienced senior moving companies with JC Movers & Lumper Service lncs and packing equipment are ideal for senior moves. Experienced, professional movers in senior moving can mean smooth transitions from a large house to a smaller one, downsizing to an assisted living community, or even making the transition into a retirement home. When it comes time to plan your senior move, it’s important to choose a movers and packing company that values seniorhood and understands the importance of making moving a senior’s most enjoyable and rewarding experience. Here are some tips for finding a reputable senior moving and packing company:

Research your new location: It’s important to do some research on the area you are moving into before arranging any real estate involvement with any senior moving service companies. You want to ensure that your future new home is a great fit for you and your family. If you find that your new neighborhood doesn’t have the amenities you want or need, you’ll also want to consider the impact that will be felt when you’re not there.

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Plan ahead: Arrange your move as far in advance as possible. There are plenty of options for when a move can be arranged – even before your move in case unforeseen circumstances occur and you need to be moved quickly. Your movers will have plenty of time to prepare for your arrival, so arrange your relocation as soon as possible.

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Work with a professional: Working directly with a relocation company can be advantageous in several ways. Moving services often offer a variety of advantages. Find out the benefits that moving services provide before hiring them. Check their track record of success with other clients and find out about their level of expertise.

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Ask questions: Contact several moving and packing companies for quotes and details about the cost and time frame for your move. Find out if moving and packing is included in the price or an additional charge. Find out what you’ll be charged for extra services, such as moving and storage. Understand all of your moving and packing options and be sure to understand the entire contract.

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Arrange with a professional: Be sure to hire a professional with experience relocating senior citizens. Many on-site companies provide a moving and storage service. Look at their track record and reputation. Be sure that you’ve discussed all the costs and that they offer you a fair quote. Be sure to arrange everything with your on-site company ahead of time to make sure that nothing is forgotten.

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Minimize costs: It’s common to save money when you move. It can be even more cost-effective to utilize one of the many on-site moving companies instead of moving everything yourself. Some on-site companies offer free moving packages, including storage and delivery of your belongings. Look for a company that charges by the hour or by the load, and that has competitive prices. Most of these companies will even come to your home and pack and unpack everything for you.

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Let’s face it: We’ve all been through those moves where we know we could have just gotten a cheaper option, but chose to live in an assisted living or nursing facility instead. Moving and downsizing should be a fun and exciting part of retirement. You may feel overwhelmed by the demands on your time and finances. Talk to an experienced professional who can give you a free quote and help you with your next move. You’re sure to appreciate their expertise!