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The national average of labor to assemble furniture varies by state, from just over one dollar per hour to nearly $ 175 depending on the complexity and size of the furniture involved. Furniture assembly costs also vary. At the high end of the scale, the cost hovers well over $40 for an ordinary chair. On the other end of the scale, you can assemble a chair for less than a dollar. It’s all according to what type and how complex the piece is.

For simple pieces like tables, chairs and dressers, most dressers and tables are usually put together by one person per hour or less. That’s usually done at the local D.W. Store. At smaller jobs, like a desk or bookcase, it may take two people per hour or less. When hiring a local assembler, look for those who charge by the hour or by the job.

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The Internet is a great way to find local movers for furniture assembly or furniture disassembly. You can search for “furniture disassembly” or “local furniture assembly.” There are online communities dedicated to bringing together disassembled furniture assemblers and local movers. Local groups are sometimes a better bargain because they aren’t just run by one person; many are run by larger companies with efficient recruiters.

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If your furniture needs a little more work than a local assembler or local mover can provide, it might be worth it to hire a professional furniture assembler. A professional assembler (often called an IKEA assistant) can come out and help assemble your items, or come to your home to do the assembly. It depends on how far along in the project you are. A professional furniture assembler will have industrial strength tools that most domestic homeowners don’t own, so the assembly could take a little longer.

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As with any industry, Furniture Appraisers, like IKEA, has their share of bad apples. Some IKEA dealers charge way too much for their services. Other furniture assembly assemblers charge less, but still more than the average home-based assembler. So before you pay a “mystery builder” anything, make sure that the total overall cost to you is less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

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Do you have experience with assembling furniture? Do you know other people who have the experience you need to assemble furniture as well? Do you have a friend or relative that does this kind of work? If you do not know anyone locally that does furniture assembly, then you can find many sources online. The world wide web is filled with companies that can help you assemble furniture and give you advice if you have any doubts.

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Furniture assemblers vary in their methods of delivery. Most of the time, they will deliver by placing your assembled pieces into boxes and mailing them to you. Some companies offer you transportation by land, while others prefer trucking. Another way to deliver is by using refrigerated trailers or mobile dollies. Using either method, Furniture assemblements can be delivered in just a few days, or sometimes just a few hours.

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Once the pieces are received, your project coordinator will give you a written quote for the total cost, including labour costs. This quote will include not only the flat rate for labour, but also the hourly rate. Typically, furniture assemblers charge more for the flat rate, because they get more involved in the assembly process. However, the cost of each item is usually fairly consistent, depending on what brand you are working with and how big the piece is. Generally speaking, you should be able to estimate your furniture assembly service cost roughly within one to two hours.

Volo Furniture Assembly
Volo Furniture Assembly
Volo Furniture Assembly