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What Do Senior Moving Companies Do? Senior moving companies aren’t just movers; they can’t even be an actual moving business. That means that they’ll work with a full-service moving company to manage the entire move. From start to finish, you’ll just give them access to your home and they’ll do all of the work. Here’s how they work.

One of the first tasks of any moving and packing company is the removal of the senior residents from their homes. If you’re using a full-service company, this step will go quickly and smoothly. This is because many of the senior downsizing professionals have extensive moving experience and know how to make the process as quick and easy as possible for their customers. They also have all kinds of tools to make moving things around the house much faster and easier, including dollies, ramps, blankets, boxes, and storage units. This means that the senior residents will be able to get into and out of the house quickly and efficiently.

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Another way that the full-service moving companies make things easier for their customers is by having storage facilities available before the movers come in. Many of these storage facilities are attached to the relocation firm so that the movers can just drop off whatever they’re moving, unload it when it’s time, and then leave the storage intact. By setting up these storage facilities on the move date, all of the unwanted items will be gone before they arrive. This will leave you free to look around your new home and not feel like you’ve been exposed to a lot of unwanted baggage.

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Full-service moving services include all of the tasks that normal moving and packing companies perform but don’t always specify. This includes putting away anything that might be useful in an elder care facility such as prescription medicine. Because senior moves require much more unpacking than younger moves, companies that provide moving services include everything in the move from packing materials to moving boxes.

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The best thing about full-service moving companies is that they will usually assign specific people to the job. These are the same people who handle the packing and loading of your belongings when you move into your new home. It’s important for the senior move managers to get to know their customers well so that they can anticipate the most problems and have a plan in place for handling them. Some people might need help packing, while others might need help loading and unloading, and others might need both.

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Full-service movers also provide unpacking services, which is a service that you might not think you’ll need. You might assume that once the movers pack everything, there’s no need for any more unpacking. But full-service movers understand that when the customer moves, they need time to get ready to live in their new residence. So often, full-service moving companies offer additional packing and loading services to help customers with their transition. They may charge differently than non-full-service movers, so be sure to shop around and see what’s available.

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As you shop around for moving services, ask about the moving rates. Senior moving services are generally more expensive than other moving services because of the extra work involved, but many seniors choose to move anyway. If you’re not sure whether or not your senior loved one needs extra help packing, ask them if they’d be willing to pay a little more so that they can have a lot more time to prepare for their new surroundings. Usually, moving services offer competitive prices on unpacking as well, so keep that in mind when you’re comparing prices.

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Just as with any other type of major life change, downsizing is stressful. It’s even more stressful for seniors since they are less able to replace their belongings quickly. Don’t let moving companies pressure you into downsizing or force you into a decision you don’t want to make. Keep in mind that moving is an inconvenience, and if you are in an assisted living facility, you’ll probably be moved on a temporary basis. But seniors who are feeling comfortable with their decisions can decide to move ahead without any assistance.