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Experienced professional in senior moving and downsizing movers can alleviate the stress of an elderly senior’s move. Senior moves can mean downsizing to a smaller house, or making the move into a retirement community where many seniors live. Many seniors do not want to be separated from their family, and prefer to be able to maintain their independence. Experienced moving companies have the knowledge and manpower to make an elderly senior moving and packing experience a relaxing, successful one.

Planning for senior moving and packing involves determining how much furniture will be moved, and what will be kept in the house, as well as deciding on how many people will be involved in the move. Deciding on the route moving services will take will depend on where the senior moving and packing will be taking place, whether inside or outside, and if there will be any additional charges for additional help during the move. Experienced professionals will work with the senior involved to determine the best route for them, as well as the proper steps for packing their new home. The first step in organizing a senior move is choosing a moving company with a good reputation and years of experience in moving senior and disabled individuals from one location to another.

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Finding a moving service can be easy by searching online, and viewing quotes and prices from multiple companies. Select at least three moving service companies that you feel comfortable entrusting your belongings to, and then contact them with your questions and needs. They will discuss all options and provide you with a free quote, after which you will know what your moving costs will be. You can use the cost savings to offset the cost of the moving service, or provide a lump sum payment to help relieve the stress and worry associated with an elderly senior’s move.

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As with any large or complicated move, unpacking will be needed once your senior moves to your new home. Although it might seem like a small task at first, unpacking a senior moves quite quickly, especially if you have packed everything earlier in your absence. Once unpacking begins, do not pack more than necessary, so that you will not need to do this twice. Be sure to stay within your means while unpacking, so that you do not become over-stuffed and create additional work for yourself.

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Most senior movers handle all the detail of senior moving and unpacking, but it is still crucial that you know exactly where your loved ones are when they move, and in case of any unexpected issues. An excellent way to ensure that you will be able to locate them is to keep a phone book with the name and phone number of your family member, along with the address and any other special directions to their home. Remember to call after you have arrived at your loved ones’ new location to confirm any information that you may have forgotten. Doing so will prevent the occurrence of unnecessary and time-consuming trips back and forth to your loved one’s house or home.

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In addition to calling after your senior moving services have been hired, it will also be helpful to pack light. Most senior movers advise against using heavy furniture and other such large and unwieldy items in their move. Instead, try to use boxes and lightweight furniture that can be stacked on top of each other easily. This will save space both in your move and in the storage of these heavy items once your move has finally taken place.

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Before hiring any moving services, you should consider the satisfaction levels of the movers. There are some movers who offer an independent review of their work, which will help you get a better idea of their abilities. The International Movers Association (IMA) offers a referral service for those interested in finding a good moving company. For those looking to enlist the help of professional movers, check the internet for recommendations. By checking out the websites of several different moving services, you can get an idea of the prices that are charged and find the best company to work with in your area.

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You may have to pay a little more than you would like for a professional moving company, but this is money well spent if you want the job done right the first time. The last thing you need is to hire movers who overcharge and then do a poor job. The only way for you to find out what the movers charge for their services is to contact them and ask. Keep in mind that most movers charge based on cubic square feet, so make sure you know what this is before you choose a specific moving quote.