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If you own guns or if you are considering getting guns for the first time, you should know how to move a gun safe in the safest way possible. Properly Moving a Gun Safe There is a correct way to move a gun safe on your own and to lessen the possibility of serious damage and injury to yourself. The procedure takes some special skills and expertise but does work well for many gun safe and electronic locking gun safes. Always recommend to any potential movers that you leave the moving or heavy-duty gun safe moves to the pros, but if you feel that you must do it yourself, be sure that you follow all safety guidelines and know what you are doing.

Always remember to have all proper equipment before you begin gun safe moving. This includes a dolly, dollies with wheels, tape measure and chalk lines, and a step by step guide with diagrams. You will also need additional safety gear including ear protectors and safety glasses. Safety is especially important when you are in an area such as a warehouse where there are many distractions.

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It is always best to hire gun safe movers if you are relocating or moving a large amount of your inventory or valuables. The reason is that gun safe movers can be difficult to find and they charge accordingly. When you hire gun safe moving companies, they have special equipment and men to help you move everything safely and securely into your new place of residence. The equipment that is used by gun safe moving companies is not for sale and most are hand-picked to meet specifications and provide a lifetime guarantee. Moving the guns into your new place of residence can be a bit of a challenge and having help will ease the stress of the move.

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Stairs can be a problem when you are moving guns and other heavy items. If you are unsure how to move a gun safe on stairs properly, it might be best to leave them on the bottom floor or a lower level and use hand rags to cover the tracks and make the stairs easier to navigate. Most gun safe moving equipment is equipped with carpet runners which extend down the stairs and brush the bottom so the stairwell is clean and dry after the move. Make sure that the guns are put up on wooden brackets that are sturdy but not overpowering.

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As far as gun safe moving tips go, there are many. If you are considering hiring a professional mover, be sure to check references. There are horror stories out there about how professional mover companies gouge their clients and don’t deliver what is promised. A good way to find out who’s reputable and who isn’t is to talk to someone who has used their service before.

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If you’re not going to hire a professional mover, you might want to consider some basic gun safe moving tips. The most important thing is that guns are securely packed away and securely rested upon flat, hard surface. If they’re not packed and rested, they will at some point be dragged or rolled across the floor or even worse, fall on their side and shatter.

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It’s also a good idea to pack them in a box and keep them in an area that is off limits to children. Ask the moving company you choose if they have any kind of restrictions on where you put the guns when you sign a contract with them. Professional movers will do their best to accommodate your needs. However, in the end they’re the professionals. They should get paid for what they do. So if a contract doesn’t specifically state they have to do this or that, just don’t use them.

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The bottom line is that gun safe moving is a very difficult process. But there are professional gun safe movers who do it every day. If you don’t want to go through the trouble, don’t move your guns. But if you want to move them by yourself or with another person who’s trained to do it, you should look into training or hiring a professional mover. Then rest easy knowing your guns are properly moved and you won’t have to spend a lot of time in the recovery phase.