Are you running around in circles???

Looking for Fair and Square lumper service??

JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc, Wisconsin is here to give you a hand by offering special services. We offer a wide range of staffing services including container loading, unloading, packing, repacking, repalletizing sorting, ship-loading and freight handling. These key roles are performed by professionals with a reputation and proficiency.

Shiploads are a complex and time-consuming process because of many different regulations and laws. With the recent increase in trade, it has become difficult for businesses to find an authentic speedy and safe service to ship their loads from one place to another. JC Movers & Lumper Service Wisconsin execute shiploads with planning and preparation to get it done successfully. Our ship’s loading is correctly packed and labeled for having a smooth journey towards its destination. Delivering your shiploads efficiently and in an economical way is the most urgent issue for our company.

By simplifying pallet sorting and handling, we increase efficiency and offer a dynamic strategy for saving valuable time and resources. Solving pallet sorting challenges requires significant labor and space. Although, handling multiple sorting increases the complexity of management but our first-class managers eliminate such issues by switching to the advanced pallet pooling model. This method revolutionizes your supply chain and enhances product safety. Our experts sort through, remove defective items from the production line and monitor receiving and loading of raw materials for processing, organizing, categorizing and labeling items, reporting safety hazards to the supervisor.

As a professional lumper service, possessing the control, ability and strong safety measures, technology, training and support, our company offers a large variety of guaranteed freight handling services. You will have a capable, motivated and scalable workflow result for a predictable cost. Freight handling is time-consuming and challenging because the efficiency is crucial in terms of labor, productivity and safety but JC Movers & Lumper Service Wisconsin will sort and segregate according to your specification or if necessary, we will assist you in breaking down or build-up, separate mixed pallets, hand stack shifted freight. Our staff is highly skilled in proper freight loading techniques, load equipment and weight distribution.

We will help you keep your products organized by systematic restacking pallets loading and unloading.  We first hire professionals for restacking, identify the product weight and then execute the packing and restocking process. Although, restacking pallets for loading and unloading is a crucial process of logistics you will appreciate our efforts by noting the ease of our task. In addition to restacking pallets correctly using proper equipment and the right tools will make the whole process easy. Moreover, we are capable of handling multi-level systems, suited for both floor mounting and floor-top use. Once the restacking pallets process is completed, you will need to prepare the freight for the journey. You are now ready to place the on the dock. We will get them ready for you in no time.

Where materials are received at one central location and then sorted for delivery to a variety of destinations then cross-dock streamlines the supply chain from point of origin to the point of sale. It reduces the risks of storage areas and eliminates the risk of inventory handling. JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc, Wisconsin controls the complexity of loads, tracking of inventory transit and communication between suppliers and distribution centers. Our cross-dock facilities are designed to effectively leverage its logistical volume into a core strategic competency. We sort to break down large shipments into smaller lots for ease of delivery.