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Then give a whirl to JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc, conveniently located in Illinois and provides creative and strategic solutions for a company’s needs. Offering quality and versatile services to clients and meeting the demands of various industries. Are you ready to see why so many customers choose to work with our company?

Our restacking pallets loading and unloading services will give your business another way to optimize and streamline inventory. We offer many services. Our custom-tailored services recognize the ongoing demands and ever-changing requirements of distribution centers. Loading and unloading of restacking pallets are securely carefully executed to avoid any damage during transit. Loading and unloading capability is facilitated and monitored to control inventory and warehouse management system.

Our services include cross-docking, restacking pallets loading-unloading, sorting, shiploads and freight handling and can handle about anything you need from small & medium-sized businesses to large and extended companies.

Specializing in cross-docking services, our professional and knowledgeable staff break down received items at the loading dock to smoothly facilitate their supply chain and get them prepared for immediate shipment. For any query regarding cross-docking, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our agents at (877) 745-3646.

We have a specialized conception of shiploads. Our team of experts will empower you to on-time deliver your products. Our goal is to provide a smooth logistical experience using our expertise in ship loading. Our wide range of ship loading equipment and heavy lift capabilities allow us to handle oversize, overweight and challenging shipments. To alter our services according to customers’ needs a specialized equipment and professional handling will securely manage your freight on-time shipping.

Let our pallet sorting toppled and separate mixed stacks of freight. Our standard pallet sorting system has several options that fit in simple and modular. Being an innovative world-class supply chains solution, achieving unmatched value for our customers we are dedicated to the essential tasks of receiving orders, loading shipments and managing inventory. By simplifying the pallet sorting strategy we increase efficiencies by saving valuable time and money and applied to the tasks that generate revenue.

Freight handling is a real hassle if not facilitated professionally. Our freight handlers can assist your department with loading and unloading goods, moving to the designated locations and maintaining freight records. To ensure success as a freight handler we move freight manually and with specialized machinery for stacking freight at the specified location using pallets and boards. Adhering to weight restrictions, stabilizing lifted freight with slings and hooks load and unload freight as instructed. In addition, we perform safety checks on freight handling for preventing damage to transported freight by using protective devices like; padding and straps.

JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc, Illinois provides staffing and HR services to thousands of customers every year for residential and commercial assisting in various services. Call our unrivaled customer service for a customized service. (877) 745-3646.