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Hit a bell to JC Movers and Lumper service Inc Indiana. Our culture of continuous improvement, minimizing logistics costs modal, support structure, specialized solutions and industry-leading technology has the ability to add value to your business and take you to the heights of success. Our deployed solutions seamlessly integrate and adapt to operational requirements. You will experience optimized tactical execution and faster shipment from origin to last-mile delivery. Our crew will sort, palatalize, restack pallets load, unload, shiploads, cross-dock and wrap your products in a well-built pattern according to your specification.

We hire professionals to restacking pallets because it’s more time-consuming and labor-intensive than you might think. But our experts know the use of the right kind of pallets for your products that can help your products be safe and organized. We will add a level of stability and protection to your freight by opting for the proper use of pallets. The right sorting technique will make this process easy. In addition, our company brings new ideas to help make clients as well as our job a lot easier through strategic planning to get the trailers unloaded.

Unloading containers that are on pallets requires sorting skills to offload the product and then separate, break down or build up according to the specification. Let us place skilled sorting to drive peak performance in management, packing, offloading distribution and ensuring that equipment, tools and machinery are operated safely at the commercial and residential levels.

We take into account all specified properties of the shiploads, firstly, rational loading of the ship and, secondly, the safety of the goods that are carried. We manage to provide the most competitive rates and the optimal options for transportation. Based on the experience of professionals in the field of chartering with great practical skills provide the full range of shiploads services from small businesses to big ones.

Cross-docking is a logistic service that optimizes the supply chain by eliminating the storage time. We make the best use of cross-docking to create a time shipping process by eliminating multiple commercial relationships. We offer consolidated cross-docking services. Our cross-dock facilities are designed to provide transport optimized solutions that are cost-effective for any company.

Our dedicated team of freight handlers is equipped to meet your needs enabling you to focus on core competencies. We specialize in professional inspection of freight receiving, unloading and tracking, break down and repacking of freight upon receipt and are committed to processing your freight fast and efficiently. Our freight handlers can assist you:

  • With loading, unloading
  • Examining details
  • Coordinating and ensuring the timely movement of freight
  • Packing freight using padding to avoid any damage
  • Preparing and documenting freight details
  • Packing, unpacking and repacking
  • Stacking and restacking packages
  • Checking and adhering to the freight weight restrictions
  • Managing incoming and outgoing freight
  • Maintaining a detailed and accurate record
  • Transport goods to the required destinations
  • Keep track of the shipment locations
  • Ensure the safe arrival of shipments
  • Labeling and sorting goods

Conquering the challenges of lumper service, we offer comprehensive solutions for offloading and palletizing products. Sort, wrap and label according to customer specifications. We have been in this business for long enough offering freight loading and unloading, sorting and specialized shipment to industries of all kinds and strive to do our best.

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