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J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc. Provides High Quality Fully Insured Moving Help

Moving Labor and Lumper Services: Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

Are you thinking of moving to or from Chicago or any nearby town and having a tough time finding reliable relocation services? Or have you been searching for insured professional moving helpers and lumpers but aren’t sure about the company that would serve your purpose to the fullest? J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc. is one of the best and most reliable moving agencies in the Chicago area helping out people with its expert and quality moving service.

Highly Affordable moving, storage, lumper, loading, and unloading service to the locals and non-locals alike

Why Choose J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc.

Fully Licensed and Insured

All Employees are Workers Comp Covered & Licensed and Bonded.
General & Carrier Liability Insurance Coverage

Better Business Bureau Accredited

Recommended and Trusted by the Better Business Bureau

AMPLA Certified Mover

The Highest Quality Moving Labor Service Providers in the Nation

Truck Rental Assistance

Our Staff Will Assist With Locating Cost Effective Rental Truck Discounts With BUDGET TRUCK RENTAL

Storage Rental Assistance

Our Staff Will Assist With Locating Cost Effective Rental Storage Discounts With BUDGET STORAGE RENTAL

Custom Moving Labor Packages

Format our services to meet your needs (In-house/Furniture Moves, Evictions, Trash-outs, etc.)

Eviction moves and moving tasks often gives people a number of sleepless nights. After all there is so much of work to be planned, organized and done which is anything but peaceful. Such challenging tasks inherently need specialized services in addition to professional moving labor to get accomplished. J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc. offers all kinds of services that help families and individuals with their moving projects with utmost perfection. No matter you are shifting your residence from one town to another or even across a distant city, our team would be more than happy to support you through this hectic task.

At J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc., we initiate the tasks of packing your priciest possessions with utmost care and caution and exercise the same caution while loading your rental trucks and or portable/self- storage units. For a distant move, we even use our lumper labor that helps with loading and unloading one’s possessions. We are capable of handling storage requirements in case of delayed moves or in the wake of emergency situations. We have the most distinguished fleet of insured moving laborers apart from distinguished groups of loaders, packers, movers and lumpers, which implies that our agency is equipped to handle just about every aspect of moving project.

From the suburbs of Lombard to Waukegan and from Bolingbrook to Evanston to Schaumburg, J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc. caters to the moving needs of each and every individual who wants to hire nothing but professional and 100% insured moving labor help and relocation services.

J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc. provides highly affordable moving, storage, lumper, loading and unloading service to the locals and non-locals alike. So, no matter if you approach us with a nation-wide moving assignment or local eviction moves, we’ll quote you only the most reasonable prices. We even offer our potential clients the amazing opportunity to get a cue of our prices and services by offering online moving labor quotes and load swap packages that would definitely help them make better decisions.

So don’t wait any longer for planning out your big move, view our moving packages and select the one that suits your needs and budget and leave rest of the work on us. Once you entrust us with the task of properly preparing and loading your possessions, we’ll make sure it is done with perfection. Call us today for a quote or visit our free quote page for more insights of our services.

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