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Moving a Gun Safe When guns are involved in a transfer, there are several steps that must be taken to ensure a safe transfer. Moving a gun safe can be tricky, so it is important to follow several guidelines to make sure your gun is transferred properly. If improperly moved, a gun can be severely damaged and it can also put both the user and anyone around potentially at risk. Here are some tips on what to do when you are trying to move your gun safe.

Correctly Moving A Gun Safe You need to know what is required to safely transport a gun safe from one location to another. There are certain procedures that must be followed when moving a gun safe. The procedure takes some special equipment and expertise but will work well for many electronic lock gun safe safes. Always remember to leave the new location of the safe at the professionals and not to take any chances with your gun or safety. If you have any questions about how to move a gun safe properly, always recommend you leave it to the experts, but should also remember that any damage caused by improper moving of a gun safe will almost certainly be at the cost of the users safety.

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Using Site Protection Consider using site protection to protect your safe while transporting it. This is especially important if you are using stairs to transport the safe. Gun safes can be very heavy, and depending upon the type you have, stairs can be difficult and bumpy. Always keep in mind that if a safe drops down on someone, site protection is imperative!

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Do Not Transport the Gun Safe by Yourself Using JC Movers & Lumper Service lnc may seem like a good idea, since you know what is in the gun safe and won’t have to ask anyone to help you move it. Unfortunately, there are some safety issues with this method. First off, most moving companies will not have specialized personnel who know how to move a gun safe, and most of them don’t have proper equipment to do so safely. Also, be aware that most moving companies have policies against carrying heavy items, so if you’re moving it yourself make sure you have someone along with you that has the proper equipment and knows how to move a safe.

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Hire Professional Movers Hiring a professional moving company to move your gun safe is a good idea for several reasons. Not only will the moving company know how to move your safe and where it needs to be moved to, they will also know exactly what has to be done to ensure the gun safe is safely carried to your new destination. Using a professional mover will prevent unnecessary harm to your moving gun safe, as they are trained to lift and place it in a safe manner and will also move it without damaging anything along the way. While hiring a professional mover may cost you a bit more than moving gun safes yourself, the peace of mind you’ll receive afterward will be worth the price.

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Ask the Mover to Make Use of a Fully Licensed Mover There are many different safety concerns involved when moving heavy guns from one location to another. Because they are required to be kept in safekeeping while in transit, fully licensed movers will know the best way to take care of them. A fully licensed professional will be insured, have a license and be bonded, making them well equipped to handle any situation that might arise. When you hire a moving company, ask them if they are insured and bonded and also what their policies are regarding moving gun safes.

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Have the Safe Laid Out and Ready to Install Proper Equipment Before the Move Many people assume that simply putting the safe into the truck and driving away is the proper way to transport a safe. It is a wise choice to make sure your safe is properly set up in order to avoid any mishaps during the move. Begin by putting up the gun and any other items that must be transported in the truck. Teach everyone how to use the storage device and install any necessary barriers and padlocks. Also have all of the paperwork handy to make sure that you and everyone else leaving the premises are properly compensated. Most insurance companies will pay for any damage that happens to a vehicle because of the negligence or inability of the driver to ensure their vehicle was adequately insured.

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Use the Right Dollies for the Job As any homeowner knows, it is always safer to use dollies instead of flat bed trailers. It is important to make sure the dolly you choose can safely support the weight of the gun and any other items that will be placed on top of it. Many dollies are not constructed properly and are made out of flimsier materials that are not nearly as safe. If you are using a standard dolly, make sure it is covered with enough rubber foam to provide enough cushioning for the safe and proper placement of a gun. If the dolly is not of the right quality, there is the possibility of the safe collapsing while in transit, causing possible injuries to anyone inside.