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If you own a gun and plan to purchase a new home or have one installed at a new home, you may need to purchase some gun safe moving equipment. Moving a gun safe is extremely important to safely transport and install your gun in your new home. Here are the best moving tips to follow when it comes time to move your gun safe.

Correctly Moving Your Gun Safe Site protection is key when it comes to moving a gun safe. There are many ways to protect your safe, including with gunsite protection which is a kind of mopping system that protects against falling objects. If you use a professional mover, they will be able to setup your gunite protection and will be experienced enough to know how to maneuver your safe and load it into the back of a truck without causing any damage. Moving a gun safe this way is important to prevent damage and possible injury to you and your family. The method just described works well for most electronic secure gun safes, but always recommend that you leave the heavy-duty moving of gun safes to the pros, but that you use your own judgement when it comes to moving your gun safe.

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Using Stair Lifts When it comes to gun safes being moved, remember that stair lifts are often the safest way to go. Stair lifts can easily weigh over 100 pounds, depending on how full you decide you want the lift to be, and are designed specifically to easily lift and place firearms in them. Because you don’t want the lift to move while you’re moving your gun safes, it’s crucial to always watch where your gun safes are placed. Always check them gently to make sure they’re not being moved, so they don’t get damaged in the move.

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Using Local Gun Safe Movers Every family-owned business should consider using local gun safe movers when moving guns from one location to another. Not only do local movers have the experience and ability to ensure your guns are moved safely, but they will also have the insurance you need to protect yourself and your family in case anything was to happen during the move. This is especially critical if you use your guns at home or even work, since you never know when something like a pipe break or other disaster could occur. With local movers, your guns are properly protected at all times.

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Don’t Move All Your Firearms at Once A move is never easy, and that’s especially true when firearms are involved. It’s important to remember that no matter how careful you are about storing your handguns, a move can happen that leaves your guns exposed and unprotected. There’s no getting around the fact that firearms can be a hazard, especially if they’re left behind at any time. If you don’t have local gun safes available when you move all your firearms, consider taking them with you for the move.

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Strap Them Instead of Totes Moving your guns from place to place can be quite an ordeal without the proper gun safe storage. While you can definitely leave them in your truck, you’ll likely spend quite a bit of time unloading it, setting it up, securing it, and then unloading it again before driving off. This can be very time consuming, especially if there are multiple vehicles involved. In order to save time and make sure that all of your belongings are properly transported, strap the safe down instead of on a dolly.

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Strap Them on a Mattress The second most common reason that customers choose to use local gun safe movers is because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving the safe on their own. A gun safe on a dolly is extremely convenient. Not only will it let you get the items inside quickly and easily, but it will also protect your valuable possessions from potentially harmful flooring or other obstacles. Gun safes on mattresses are also ideal for customers who have to maneuver around tricky obstacles on stairs or around busy elevators.

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Make Sure You Choose The Right Equipment gun safe movers will offer various options of securing your firearm in different ways. Depending on how dangerous the area you’re moving it in is, you may need to use gun safe gates or other barriers. Moving your guns on a dolly is often much safer than attempting to climb stairs or move up against a railing. A local business should be able to assist you with the appropriate equipment so that everything works just like it should. You want to ensure that your safety is your top priority, so make sure that you don’t take chances by not investing in the right equipment.