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If you’re one of those individuals, who have firearms at home or work, you may find yourself in need of an expert moving company. These large, heavy safes may weigh as much as 1,100 pounds and without the right equipment you could risk creating a hazard or accident. A gun safe that’s safely transported from location to location can safely transport hard-to-moving or large items like gun safes between and among the Lake Catherine, IL area, or move them from place to place in your residence or place of business.

There are several factors to keep in mind when considering a gun safe move. The safe itself must be extremely secure. The safest and easiest to install and operate are hard-top safes. These professional moving services will come to your location and ensure that your safe is securely mounted and equipped to safely transport your valuables.

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To begin the gun safe transportation process, the professional moving company will mount the safe using custom bolted steel guns. Custom bolts ensure long-lasting durability and long-term service. The professional also utilizes special hydraulic hoists to lower the safe as well as electric dollies to raise and lower the safe. The safe is then equipped with high-impact plastics for optimal protection and padding. The safe is then installed in the truck and left to ride; the truck is then left to park.

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The Lake Catherine moving professionals utilize a specially designed dolly to transport the gun safe and equipment. This dolly is equipped with lifting pads for a smooth and secure transportation. Once the dolly is at your location, your professional movers will remove the gun safe from the truck and dismantle it piece by piece. They then reassemble each piece and place them on the dolly for transport. One piece at a time, the gun safe is carefully transported from location to location until reaching your final destination.

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How to move a gun safe is a very important process that should never be skiped. It may be an expense that you don’t want to deal with but this move will ensure the safety of your personal belongings and property. If guns are kept in gun safes, they are extremely dangerous. The Lake Catherine moving pros at Movers Car Wash services can help you find the best professional movers to move your belongings safely.

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You do not have to be concerned about where you will store the gun safe once it has been moved. The professionals will load it into a flat bed truck and drive it to your new location. Then the gun safe is disassembled and secured in a locking case. The Lake Catherine moving services experts can explain the entire process to you in great detail. They will also make sure that the equipment is packed securely so that it arrives in pristine condition when you arrive.

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If the gun safe relocation needs to be carried out in less time than typical, the professionals at your local moving company can help. Contact your local gun safe movers for information on their highly trained movers and how to package and load the gun safe. This will help cut down on the time it takes to pack and load your items.

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When you contact the professionals to help you with how to move a gun safe, make sure you ask them about how to pack the fragile item. This will help to protect your belongings from breakage during transportation. Once the fragile items reach the new location, use the packaging tape to wrap each item securely. This packaging tape can also be used to secure the box and prevent other items from being opened while your possessions are inside. Contact the professional Lake Catherine moving company to learn more about the details of how to move a gun safe the right way.