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Moving a gun safe is an important process to help minimize the chance of damage and potential injury. The procedure usually takes some special equipment and expertise but can work perfectly well for many other electronic safe gun safes. Always recommend that you leave the moving of heavier-duty gun safe and other specialty moves into the hands of the professionals, but even if you are able to accomplish the move on your own you should take care to avoid any mishaps that could damage or impair the safe. That’s why it’s always recommended that you hire licensed, insured and bonded professional movers to get the job done properly and safely. Here are a few helpful tips on moving a gun safe.

First, read through these gun safe moving tips. This information should help alleviate any concerns that you might have about the safety and security of the items in your safe. Some of the steps include: ensuring the level of security or access is high enough to prevent easy access; double-check that there are no broken or jammed parts; make sure that the gun safe itself is firmly anchored and secure. Make sure that your storage facility is adequately equipped with the tools necessary for the move. Some storage facilities will provide you with temporary storage during the move and will keep all of your current guns secured until the move arrives. This makes a lot of sense, because the more secure your guns are while they are in your new location, the better prepared you’ll be when the time comes to unload them.

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Next, double-check that the location you’ve selected for the move meets all of the above requirements. For example, some facilities require that the gun safe be 16 feet from any utilities and other obstacles such as walls. If you are choosing a location far from any utilities, this presents a huge problem. Unless you plan on using a temporary pad for storing your guns during the move, it’s likely that you will need to rent a truck and trailer or even forklifts to help you transport your items. If renting, be sure to arrange a delivery date that coincide with the expected move date.

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If you find that your chosen facility doesn’t meet all of the gun safe moving tips, don’t despair. There are plenty of professional movers that can help you with the move on a reasonable fee. This can save you a great deal of money over having to rent a truck, pay fees for tie-downs and dismantling, and make the entire process easier on yourself. Remember that the professional mover will also do all of the lifting so you won’t have to worry about lifting large objects.

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Before hiring a moving company, check on their reputation. Ask friends and family whom they used and what happened. Most importantly, make sure the company uses proper guns, that they are insured, and has proper documentation proving their business. Using a gun safe transportation company with a good track record will make the entire move much easier on you.

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Experienced gun safe movers will also understand how to load and unload all types of safes, including firearms. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t feel bad about letting a professional help you out. There are special trucks designed just for gun safe loading and unloading so it won’t be a problem. Again, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration if you let a professional move your heavy safe.

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Another important gun safe moving tip involves using site protection while transporting your heavy items. You can purchase portable gun safe platforms at many online retailers. These devices provide an alternative to using stairs in case there is only one floor to go up or down. They also provide a way for you to transport your items up and down stairs without the worry about them getting caught on the threshold between floors.

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So how to move a gun safe from state to state using fully licensed, state-approved gun safe moving services? Use the Internet. You’ll find a lot of great moving company websites and links to other expert gun safe moving services. Spend some time doing research. The best results will come to those who take the time to do proper research. Find a moving company that has a good reputation, complete with a full license and insurance coverage, and you’ll be sure to end up in a safe, secure place when moving your valuables.