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Moving a Gun Safe Correctly – A Gun Safe can be extremely fragile while in transit, so it’s important to follow the proper moving tips to ensure the safe arrival at your new home. The steps involved in Moving a Gun Safe are easy to follow, yet very time consuming. It all starts with figuring out exactly where your gun safe is located. Next, locate a local moving company that is fully licensed and insured, one that carries the necessary equipment to safely transport your gun. Then, follow these simple steps:

First, correctly Moving a Gun Safe The most important step of how to move a gun safe is to find out exactly where it is located and then find a qualified gun safe mover. There s a correct way to move a gun safe, however. The procedure takes some special equipment and expertise but will generally work well for all electronic safe gun safes. Always remember to leave the more complicated moving of heavy-duty gun safe safes to the pros, but don t leave you alone if you decide you want to do it yourself.

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Second, follow gun safe moving tips to ensure that no damage occurs during the move. This means using a dolly and dollies with wheels, not a flatbed truck or pallet trucks. You can use a forklift and make your move easier, but never ever use your truck. Make sure that your dolly can stand up on its end, not just tilt back on its end.

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Third, be prepared for some accidents along the way. Gun owners know that they are taking guns into a moving situation and are subject to theft. This is especially true of mobile gun safe movers. While this may seem like bad news to many gun owners, it is a fact of business and professional mover companies have plans in place to prevent theft during any move. Simply follow these three gun safe moving tips to lessen the possibility that you will become a victim of theft during a move.

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First off, when it comes to how to move a gun safe, remember not to take heavy items up the stairs. Even though you have a flat bed vehicle, guns and other heavy items can get jostled up and down the stairs. Remember that your gun safe is bolted to the floor and cannot be taken up through the stairs. If you must move heavy items up the stairs, use a flat bed forklift or dolly instead of a large truck or dolly. For safety’s sake, the stairway should always be clear at all times.

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Second, if you do choose to have your gun safe moved by a professional moving company, always ensure that they use dollies to transport heavy items. A dolly is a very durable moving machine that is designed specifically to move heavier objects and more than likely your gun safe will need to go up and down several flights of stairs. Using dollies makes it much easier to move since they are very sturdy. Also, gun safes that are larger than the standard sized vehicle can only fit two dollies inside.

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Last but not least, gun safe transportation does require that the mover has a full tank of gas or they will not be able to start the vehicle. This is because the moving company will have to fill the tank up before starting the dollies. For gun safe transportation, professional moving companies will bring two tanks of gas to start the vehicles so the mover knows ahead of time that they will need to gas up prior to starting any vehicles. The gas will ensure that the mover has enough fuel to get the move started and also allows them to fill all tanks at the same time to ensure proper safety.

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If you are worried about long-distance gun safe moving, there is no reason to be. Today, moving trucks for gun safe are made to be efficient and fast so you do not have to worry about your family’s safety when you are on a long trip. If you would like to make sure that the company you choose are experienced, call today to schedule a consultation. Professional moving companies will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about long-distance gun safe moving.