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Gun Safe Moving safely with a gun safe is a must for hunters and self-defense enthusiasts. For years gun owners have relied on their guns to protect them from both home and real danger. Knowing how to move a gun safe is just as important as knowing how to store or buy a gun.

Here s what you need to know: There s no right way to move a gun safe; the safest and most secure way depends on your situation. For example, if there is only minimal damage to your valuables, you can move the safe yourself using dollies. The entire process takes some special equipment and expertise but does work for many of the larger, heavier digital lock gun safes as well. Never leave the moving of heavier-duty gun safes or other specialty moves to the pros, but if in doubt, always leave them to the experienced movers. You can be sure that they know what they are doing.

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You do have to be careful when hiring gun safe movers because you want to make sure that the people you entrust your valuables to are trustworthy. If you have family or friends in the business already, tell them about the gun safe move so they can keep tabs on any progress. In general, gun safe movers charge by the hour and this can add up quickly so you may want to factor that into the price. You can probably negotiate a rate that includes the transport charges if the circumstances are such that you are moving a large safe.

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One other consideration is the type of moving truck that is used for moving guns safely. You don’t want a big truck like an 18-wheeler that weighs thousands of pounds taking your guns around! A regular moving truck will be fine and you can specify the size and weight of the vehicle when discussing the details of your move. This is one situation where you can mention specific needs that must be met. For instance, if the gun safe is extremely heavy, then you will probably need a very strong moving truck so it doesn’t come off the truck and crash in the middle of the road.

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Other than the type of truck, the most important gun safe moving tips involve timing. It seems simple enough: Get the moving truck to arrive at the address of the new home before the gun is removed from the gun safe. But of course, things are rarely as easy as that. Here are some more great gun safe moving tips that can help ensure that your gun goes in the right hands.

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Keep in mind that gun safes are very fragile, and that anything that is forcefully placed into them can break down or even explode. Even something as simple as a rattle can cause damage to gun safes. So if you have to have your gun collections moved around quite often, it is essential that they be packed in a tightly sealed container so that they remain safe and secure. You might consider having your gun safe companies send a professional packager to load up your collections in a trailer or other container to ensure that they arrive safely. If you have to move your collections quite frequently, this might be a good option to schedule in ahead of time.

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Of course, when talking about how to move a gun safe, it is also important to mention the importance of using quality moving equipment. Gun safes are fragile, and using low-grade equipment can mean that they will break down or blow away during transport. Ideally, gun safe movers will use dollies and rolling equipment to transport your valuables instead. You can usually find quality dollies for less than $200, and they come in different sizes and widths to accommodate different gun collection sizes.

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If you are interested in how to move a gun safe, remember to use high quality professional movers that know what they are doing. Gun collections are delicate and should always be handled with care, especially when they are on the move. Follow these gun safe moving tips to make sure that your guns arrive safely at your new home.