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Senior moving and packing are a nightmare for most families. There is so much stress involved, the transportation is stressful, the packing is stressful and finally, there is the actual move itself. What senior moving and packing experts stress the most to clients is how much control they have over their move. Do they really own it? What can they do to reduce the stress and get the most out of the experience?

Let’s start with downsizing. Many family and friends are often referred to as “downsizing” people-people who end up taking a job that doesn’t suit them or isn’t what they expected in the first place. While the job itself is sometimes stressful, moving company downsizing experts stress that the majority of it is simply communicating the expectations of the client and finding the best match. There are a few downsizing instances where the client may not be completely happy with the moving company and so it’s important that the two parties to find a common ground.

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Another common request made by seniors is to have the ability to plan their own move. This is especially important for senior move managers. Most movers will give moving directions but there is an even greater need for a move manager. Senior movers have been through this and know how difficult it can be. If you don’t know someone who has recently moved, or plans to, contact local senior moving and packing companies to ask about their options.

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For some clients, moving can mean adjusting to a new home or apartment. That means that senior moving and packing should involve communication with a new home owner as well as with the moving company that are assisting them. Senior movers and their staffs will be able to assist with finding appropriate housing, scheduling escrow if necessary, explaining different options for moving, and help make everyday living in their new residence as comfortable as possible. While finding a new place to live can be difficult, senior moving companies can ease the burden of finding the right place to call home.

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A third popular request made by seniors is to be able to prepare for the assisted living part of their relocation. Some seniors aren’t quite ready to move into their assisted living facility yet, which can make them feel nervous and alone during their first few months at their new location. The good news is that senior moving companies are prepared to help with this transition. They will offer the client assistance with finding a new apartment and/or housing, transportation to their new facility, help dressing and preparing for moving, and more. Depending on the type of assisted living facility a senior has chosen, the company may even provide some or all of these things.

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One last request made by seniors is the ability to maintain the privacy of their own home while preparing for a new home. Some seniors choose to stay in their own homes while at the same time preparing for the move, which can be both difficult and stressful. Some choose to remain in their homes until they feel safe enough to move into their new home, while others choose to pack up and move all of their belongings to their assisted living facility. Both choices have their pros and cons, and whichever the senior moving service is called upon to handle, they can make the transition as smooth as possible. They will take care of packing up belongings, loading them into vehicles, transporting them to their new home, and more.

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Finding the right senior moving service is very important to any senior moving. Many times, contacting just a general moving company won’t be enough for the needs of a senior. There are many specialty moving companies out there, as well, who specialize in a particular type of move, like an overseas move to an exotic location or a domestic one to a smallBoulder Hill. Because these specialized moving companies know what’s best for their clients, they are often much better at packing up and moving than general moving companies. This is something that anyone considering this process should look into.

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When looking for the right assisted moving company, there are several things to look for. A good way to start is by checking the Better Business Bureau for any complaints that have been filed against the company in the past. Next, call around and ask friends and family for recommendations, or request information from them regarding local companies in their area. Lastly, check with your insurance company and see what kind of coverage they have regarding senior moving services and what kinds of options they offer. It’s far too easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new move, and forget to check out all of these details beforehand.