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Full-service furniture delivery simply means that a truck is scheduled in to arrive at your home, all the furniture is unpacked/boxed, and then put together where you wish it to be. Often times the reason for this choice costs more than other options is because the shipping costs are not included in that price of the furniture itself. This will end up costing you more in the long run, but can be done at a much faster pace. When you are looking for a moving service for your new home, take into consideration the options you have when it comes to furniture moving.

One of the most common complaints about furniture delivery is that it does not come in enough pieces. The furniture does not necessarily have to be delivered all at one time. It may only take several days or it could take several weeks depending on what furniture you are getting. If you are getting high end furniture, expect it to be packaged and ready to go in a matter of days. If you are just getting furniture that is common to most homes, expect it to take at least a few weeks.

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Other common complaints about furniture delivery is that they over deliver and do not properly pack the items. Many people complain that they end up getting furniture that is too big, too long, or even too large for their new home. With full-service furniture delivery, you should always receive an itemized list of all of the items included. You can then find out where everything is located and if there are any missing pieces before the moving day.

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Furniture delivery in July is not that common anymore. This may be because there is no furniture available during this month. There are a few big name furniture stores who have been running exclusive furniture promo campaigns. They are offering many items for a discounted price or free shipping. Some of these companies include: Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, Costco, Home Depot, and Sam’s Club.

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There are also some online companies that offer furniture shipping services to customers. The cost varies greatly depending on the amount of furniture that needs to be delivered. Full-service delivery is when the furniture is actually picked, packed, and delivered by a professional furniture delivery company. There are also those that offer freight shipping and arrange for delivery of just the furniture.

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Many people think that there are no furniture delivery options for them in July. That may be true for some places, but there are a lot of local couriers that are still running furniture shipping in July. The two big furniture delivery companies who do business in July are: UPS and Fed Ex. Both of these companies offer next day and next two weeks shipments.

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Many people believe that there are no furniture delivery options in December because this is the busy season for gift giving. That could not be further from the truth. There are quite a few companies that offer next day and two weeks’ shipments of furniture in this popular time of year. There are even some local couriers who offer free shipping in December. These companies include: UPS Next Day, FedEx Two Weeks, and Local Mail.

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I hope this article has given you some new ideas about which furniture delivery option is best for you. As I said in my opening paragraph, you should always confirm an order before it is shipped. That way you can be sure that the product you ordered is going to be what you expected. If you need any help determining your delivery option, you can visit the website for Staunton & Company where they provide a handy guide.