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“We are always looking for the next move for our customers. The last few moves we helped facilitate included the move of a law firm’s office from suburban Chicago Heights to downtown Chicago Heights. During that move we maintained an extra office in Chicago Heights and handled additional storage and packaging needs. We made every move comfortable for our clients through our attention to detail and customer satisfaction.” – Anonymous Commercial Mover

“We needed a professional commercial moving company that could handle both heavy, commercial furniture and delicate antique glass. Our office moved from our previous home in Flatbush, Chicago Heights, to a large warehouse in Chicago Heights. The commercial movers managed all of our belongings and office furniture with skill and professionalism. My husband fell completely in love with our commercial office moving company from the moment we had our first look at their work”. – Jennifer L.

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“We have loved Eagle’s storage services since our move to Illinois five years ago. We have saved a lot of time and money by handling every aspect of our move ourselves and only hiring a few specialized professionals. We also feel very lucky that we were able to work with such an efficient company”. – Anonymous Commercial Mover

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“ienced commercial relocation specialists make short work of commercial moving. The only thing we did not do was choose a reliable commercial division. The division should focus on long distance, metropolitan moving only. We are very pleased with the way the experts handled our business relocation. The only downside is the price, but compared to the price of long distance move we got it was well worth it”. anonymous commercial mover

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“I would highly recommend them. They have helped us move six times in the last three years and the process was smooth, professional and everything went through smoothly. The customer service is excellent, the price is right and the entire business relocation process went smoothly and quickly, saving me a ton of time and stress”. – anonymous commercial mover

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Commercial Furniture Systems is one of the leading commercial project management and inventory management companies in Illinois. Their main business areas are office move, residential move and commercial project management. “The best part about this company is that they focus on the complete move process, from start to finish”. – anonymous commercial mover.

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“It was a smooth transition from our previous office move to this residential move with Commercial Furniture Systems. Everything went very smoothly and the movers were very knowledgeable and understanding during the entire process. They made sure that every aspect of the commercial move was accounted for and all the things we needed was taken care of efficiently”. – anonymous commercial mover. “It was recommended to us by a friend that we use this company for all our office moves”.

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Whether you are relocating to a new location or just do an office move, having a professional commercial moving company that has a great track record is important. You will not want to hire just anyone to perform this kind of move because there is a lot of work involved that most people aren’t trained for. You can find full service commercial moving companies that specialize in office moves where they will manage the move as well as the warehouse and packing and the actual transportation of your belongings. These companies have an extensive list of resources on their website where you can get all the information you need. Just make sure that you take the time to research this moving service so you know you are getting someone who is very experienced.