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Senior Moving is the most common reason people contact a local moving company. When someone turns 65 or gets a retirement we often think of moving to a nearby state or country. Although some of us are sentimental and want to keep some of our personal possessions around to help us heal, others are financially supported and need to move with the family. Senior independent living facilities are designed to help seniors live an independent lifestyle. Many of them have an on site camp where the elderly can live and learn to do things like painting, cooking, cleaning, gardening, or whatever the senior wants to do.

Senior Moving and Packing are important tasks that must be accomplished when moving from one location to another. There is usually a lot of packing that needs to be done, including packing up boxes, cartons, bubble wrap, mattress covers and blankets, and removal of large bulky items. What is Senior Moving and Packing? 5 Easy Steps to Successful Senior Moving and Packing.

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What is Senior Moving and Packing? Professional movers make it their business to move senior and disabled people from their current location to a new home or assisted living facility. They are well trained and experienced in finding their clients a new place to live. In order to save time and stress, senior movers make several plans before the move begins. Some of these include:

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Assisting the Older Adults. The majority of retirement communities have several different types of services for the older adults located there. Some have services like dining, entertainment, and fitness centers. The larger retirement communities also have the type of elder care that is similar to what we would call day care for younger family members or a home health care program.

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Conducting the Post Move Evaluation. When hiring a local senior moving services company to move you, they will conduct an evaluation of your belongings prior to the arrival of the movers. During this time the assigned movers will go through your belongings and check for damage or deterioration. They may also request certain items be removed for damaged or odorous reasons. Once all the items have been assessed, a detailed inventory is created and a price quote is provided to the client.

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Obtaining Credentials and Licenses. In order to be employed by certified senior moving consultants, they must be licensed by the local licensing board. To find local certified senior moving consultants, you can either contact the local chamber of commerce, telephone the local Better Business Bureau, or visit their website. Once you have found several local consultants to compare, you can schedule an appointment with each one to discuss your moving needs.

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Finding Registered Nurses For Hiring. Many senior home care agencies provide care for the elderly, including licensed relocation professionals. Before hiring them, you should make sure that they are registered nurses. Registered nurses will not only have the necessary training to move you, but they will also ensure your safety throughout the moving process as well as during the actual move.

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Creating An Account Only After Payment Of Initial Move Cost. Some moving companies require you to start a pay pal account just days before the move date. The reason they do this is to provide an additional safeguard for your personal information during the move. If you forget to account for your payment, you may be charged late fees, which can make the move date even more difficult. Be sure to create a new account in your name just days before the move date to ensure no one else has access to your personal information.