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Moving a refrigerator isn’t always easy, and it certainly isn’t a do-it-yourself activity. Moving a refrigerator can be hazardous, and there are several steps that must be followed to ensure safety. Yes, it is a possible task even if you simply follow the proper steps to moving a refrigerator to the other end. If hiring movers to relocate your refrigerator is simply not an option for you, this Refrigerator Moving Checklist is what you should have. With the help of this handy moving checklist, you’ll be armed with everything you need to make sure your refrigerator will arrive in one piece, and that the process will go smoothly.

Before beginning, be sure to call the companies you are considering hiring for the refrigerator moving service. Discuss your needs and ask about the refrigeration units they carry. Ask them about their moving process and whether or not they use contractors to complete the job. In addition, ask them about their equipment, safety precautions, and what they will do to protect your items. There are several things that need to be addressed prior to the moving date:

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Once you’ve gathered together the moving checklist, mark off how many helpers you will need. You should provide enough helpers for at least three positions – the driver, the dolly, and any others you may need, such as grips or straps. The driver should be able to locate the appliance on his own without the assistance of any helpers. The dolly and any other helpers that you provide should be placed securely on the ground, with the driver holding them in place with a dolly fork. The dolly must also be firmly attached to the ground, since any movement can cause damage to your appliances.

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When you have completed the list of movers that you are going to hire for your refrigerator move, the next step is to determine how you will schedule the move. If you prefer to move the refrigerator during normal business hours, you should contact the moving company two to four working days ahead of time. You should also allow ample time for packing materials to be delivered to your new residence, so you won’t have to rush into the project. Some movers offer packing services while others don’t, so check carefully before committing to a company. If you choose a professional but affordable packing company, your move should go smoothly.

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On the day of the move, you will need to remove the contents of your fridge. Most appliances have a removable door or canopies that you can quickly lift and discard. However, some products, such as freezer freezers and dishwashers, have solid doors. To protect your appliances from damage in the moving or unpacking process, you should place them in a secure box or wrapping. The packing can include shredded newspaper, heavy-duty plastic wrap or even fabric.

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Another item to keep in mind is that most fridges are equipped with a cooling mechanism that requires electricity in order to operate properly. If you are moving a refrigerator with the aid of an air compressor, you will need to turn off the power to the cooling mechanism, so the compressor will not damage your refrigerator. In addition, it is important to disconnect the refrigerant line from the compressor as well.

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Some of the most common safety tips for moving fridges include securing all edges of the refrigerator to avoid any breakage in transit. Secure the base of the fridge, as well, to prevent unwanted tipping. Make sure to use the provided screws and brackets to ensure that your refrigerator remains firmly in place.

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The last piece of equipment for your refrigerator moving needs is a l-shaped lever. This piece of hardware will allow you to manually lower and raise the refrigerator coils. This is the heart of the moving dolly. A moving dolly is typically made up of a sturdy steel frame, with a spacious bottom part for storage of the fragile items.

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