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Experienced in senior downsizing with special expertise in senior moving and packing. Senior downsizing means moving from a large house to a small one, or relocating to an assisted living community. Senior moving and packing can mean the difference between remaining in your home for many years, or find yourself on the streets. Professional teams working with you to design an affordable senior moving and packing plan will work hard to ensure that your senior moved and packing experience is a positive one.

The primary goal of any senior downsizing/packing process, whether it be done in-house with your own family members, or hired out by a relocation company, is to create an affordable living situation for you and your loved ones. Many people find themselves “retaining” family members who are not part of the relocation process and finding them new homes, rather than moving them to a facility. A lot of this transitional phase is about flexibility and peace of mind -. You want to give your family members the freedom to come and go as they please, without worrying about where they will live next. Relocation companies help with this too, by working with your family members, your relatives, and close friends to find them appropriate, affordable housing in which to live.

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There are several different options for seniors seeking full or partial downsizing or moving, including independent, single, or blended families. Independent seniors are usually looking for smaller houses or apartments, where one parent or guardian can reside while they look for an alternative location. Senior moving and packing services include the handling of all the unpacking and packing of goods in the senior’s possession, including their personal belongings and household goods.

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If you do choose to hire a professional, there are several things that must be covered, especially when using professional senior citizen moving and packing services. First, they will need to provide a full inventory of your belongings, and schedule inspections and cleanings of closets and areas of storage where valuable items might be lost. They will also need to schedule airport pickups, arrange for boxes at the post office, and use experienced movers. Movers have special gear and training to handle the sensitive belongings that are needed for full compliance with regulations and packaging regulations for the transport of senior citizens.

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In addition to the actual senior moving and packing, an individual with Alzheimer’s or dementia may need additional assistance in organizing their personal and home-related belongings. This is one of the many services provided by professional, assisted transition teams. You may find that the job is easy to accomplish, given all the available resources. The transition team will prepare all of the necessary documentation, such as medical history form the doctor, prescriptions, insurance policies, and other essential documents. They will organize these documents and other information in a convenient order and make sure that everything is clearly documented and properly signed.

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If you prefer a more hands on approach, you might want to think about a visit from a senior professional moving company. These companies will take charge of all the necessary paperwork and will be responsible for all airport pick-ups and off-site storage arrangements for your belongings. There are a number of senior professional moving companies that specialize in helping people with Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases and disorders, and many provide customized moving packages to their customers. Many provide assistance with all aspects of the packing process including transportation planning and scheduling, assistance with housekeeping procedures at the new residence, unpacking, and assistive services such as preparing a menu and assisting with toileting arrangements. Most assisted living facilities will not allow residents to take on all of the household responsibilities, so it may be helpful to discuss this with your loved one’s physician before he or she gets moved in.

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Seniors who require assisted living movers will typically move in conjunction with other family members or their caregivers. There are several different types of senior services moving companies offer to seniors including but not limited to; housekeeping services, housekeeping and laundry service, transportation and shuttle service, errand service, personal care, and medical supplies. Housekeeping and laundry services are particularly important for seniors who cannot take care themselves; as they often need assistance getting dressed and bathing. Shuttle services can be useful if there is a medical emergency while you’re on the move.

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Before you begin the planning process, determine what you need from your moving and unpacking company. Professional service providers will provide several options for both, helping you to narrow down your final decision. Some companies even have specialty boxes designed for certain items such as medications and personal care items. Once you’ve determined the items you wish to pack and organize yourself, contact a number of different service providers to request free quotes for moving and unpacking services. Compare quotes and choose a company with the best price and service options.