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Business relocation isn’t always an easy move. It takes proper preparation that if ever properly orchestrated by someone in the business, can be handled by a specialist moving company or better yet, by an in-house moving planner who would have to take on a couple hundreds! There are so many moving companies to choose from and it is best to select someone who you know will offer you a good service as well as quality moving products for your relocation. If you don’t want to hire a professional company, you can go ahead and do it yourself by searching the Internet for tips on how to move office headquarters. There are several useful tips that one can find over the Internet that can help one with the relocation of their office.

The first tip is to contact the commercial moving company well before the day of your move. Inquire about their insurance policy and if they provide coverage for business relocation. You can also ask about the company’s reputation and if their employees are efficient and whether the company is ready to shoulder the responsibilities related with the office move. A commercial moving company should only be hired if they are able to give you guarantees regarding the safety of the belongings and the company representative should be able to make arrangements for the storage of your items at another location. It is best to get the assurance of the representative to avoid any problems during the relocation.

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The second important factor to consider is the availability of commercial movers in your area. A good moving company should have commercial movers available who are experienced, trustworthy, insured and licensed. The movers should also be flexible and should not restrict the transport of your office equipment, furniture and fixtures. A good commercial mover should understand the importance of packing fragile items and take care to transport them with utmost care.

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Commercial movers have professional moving equipment to move your valuable items such as computers, office furniture and electronic gadgets. They should also have specialized tools such as cranes to move large office furniture or electronic appliances. Before hiring commercial moving services it is vital to check the credibility of the company by asking other customers about the services provided.

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The third most important thing to consider is to create a safety plan for your business relocation. It is important to prepare a list of people to contact, the route of the move, the modes of communication to use during the move, the tasks to complete, and the items that need to be shifted. It is essential to inform family members about the relocation. It would be better to create a social media page for the move so that they know about the progress of the move.

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The fourth most important consideration for business relocation is the storage of office furniture, equipment and fixtures. It is necessary to rent a storage facility in the new location before the start of the business relocations. This will provide you ample time to sort out your belongings before the move. If you do not have enough storage space in Illinois, you can ask for commercial moving quote from rental companies in Illinois to decide the best way to pack and store your belongings.

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The fifth most important thing to consider for your business relocation is the selection of professional moving planners. Some companies may include these services as part of their moving package. It is advisable to go for a full-service move when moving to Illinois. A professional moving planner will advise you on all aspects of the move including security measures, packing, and storage. Depending on the nature of the business you may include temporary office space in Illinois or permanent office space in Illinois.

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Last but not least you must ensure you contact all the businesses and suppliers you use for supplies and goods prior to the move. It is important to inform them of any change in address and contact numbers. You should also take care of small business relocation expenses such as business insurance, utility bills, and other local requirements. These steps will ensure a smooth transition and smooth business moves in Illinois.