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Furniture assembly is a common service offered by many companies. Whether it’s putting together a new couch or a dresser, assembly is typically free. Here are some quick and easy ways to put together furniture that you bought or got assembled yourself:

Most manufacturers offer at least the national average cost for a finished unit. Look for the brand and model number when comparing prices, since prices vary from one manufacturer to the next. Furniture assembly professionals typically assemble a wide range of furnishings and ready-to-assemble items. They usually will get to work right away, if not early in the morning.

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The most common type of furniture assembly is furniture assembly that takes place on a moving truck. If the assembler only has an average shipping cost, depending on how far out the piece is from the factory, it may be more economical to hire them rather than pay their subcontractors for the job. However, beware of long delivery times, as well as uneven shipping rates, depending on the destination. Also, if the piece is assembled in another part of the country entirely, the longer the trip, the higher the price.

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Many companies offer the opportunity to assemble multiple items at once. This is called varifocal assembly, and is a great way to save money on large orders. Ask the furniture assembly company you’ve chosen how many pieces they can put together before charging you the full retail price; the better known the company is, the more likely they are to have that number. This feature can also help you save if you’re paying a multiple item base price, as many companies will give you a discount based on putting together multiple items for one customer.

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One reason it’s sometimes necessary to pay more for flat pack furniture assembly is because large furniture requires more skill than smaller, simpler pieces do. There are certain things you must know when assembling furniture, such as using correct spelling and grammar. Furniture assembly also requires tools that aren’t always included with every piece. You’ll also need to purchase glue, screws, bolts, and other hardware. These are often sold separately.

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Another reason to use a professional furniture assembly service is because the pieces come in individual packages rather than being broken down into pieces. If you don’t know how to put individual pieces together, you’re going to waste time putting them together. Furniture that is not put together correctly, or which comes apart prematurely can make it extremely difficult to complete the task.

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You may also find that depending on the piece you order, the company may charge an hourly rate. Some companies offer flat rate fees, while others will include an hourly rate for the labor it takes to assemble each piece. An hourly rate is usually based on how long it will take you to finish the project, which includes time going over details like measuring the furniture, putting it together, and working on the finishing details like attaching the trim pieces. The final price you pay for furniture assembly services will be dependent on the overall total of all the parts and the complexity of the project. If the project is more complicated than what you originally envisioned, you may be charged an hourly rate that increases along with the overall total.

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Furniture assembly is one of the most labor-intensive types of home repair and remodeling tasks you can attempt, especially if you have a lot of these types of furniture items. If you want to get them together safely and efficiently, you should consider hiring a professional assembly house. The best assembly houses are very organized, fast, and knowledgeable. They will use tools to fasten and disassemble furniture items that are very different in shape and size, allowing the assembly worker to do his or her job efficiently and effectively.