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A good number of people are now opting to assemble their own furniture at home instead of going in for expensive furniture moving services. The national average of labor to assemble furniture ranging from $120 to $ 175 depending upon the size and complexities, with the low end being less than half this price. Furniture assembling prices vary widely. Those furnishing houses whose assembly-friendly policies have already been adopted by local vendors will obviously be more expensive than those who don’t.

Furniture disassembly is a simple process if the process is understood well. When a piece of furniture is assembled, there are several things that need to be accomplished, as per the instruction manual. Furniture disassembling is not mandatory, however, it makes the process easier for an assembler. There are three main types of furniture assembly: self-assembly, semi-self assembly and total disassembly.

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Self assembly means that all the pieces are put together piece by the assembler himself or herself. In this case, the assembler is actually responsible for the safety and quality control of the finished item. Self assembled furniture ranges from the simple and cheap domestic items like chairs, tables and shelves to the most complex electronic components. In most cases, the items that need to be assembled in this manner are light in weight and have simple mechanisms, making them easier to put together in the long run.

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Semi-self assembly is done by some manufacturers as a part of the furnishing process. Here, a single or series of pieces are manufactured in a factory and are then sent to a company warehouse where they are put together according to instructions given by the client. Most furniture assemblers who use this method to choose flat pack assembly because it saves time and money. This flat pack method allows for quick turnaround, and the materials used are less expensive than those used in other assembly methods. However, this type of furniture assembly does not offer as much flexibility as the self-assembly products do.

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Total disassembly means that all the pieces of the furniture are put together manually by a professional furniture assembly service. The process here is more demanding and exhaustive, and the result is usually much heavier than the other two methods. Here, pieces of the assembled item are disassembled and placed on a cart or a frame in order to be transported. Each piece here is then inspected according to its condition and any damaged pieces are replaced. If the frame or cart requires special support, these will also be installed on the item.

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As with self-assembly, the final product is highly customized and designed according to specifications provided by the client. The professional furniture assembly company here uses high-end technology to disassemble and assemble each item. The final product is assembled in a warehouse and shipped to the customer. While a self assembled flat pack furniture assembly company may charge $50 or more per piece, a total disassembled process can take up to three weeks. There may be a limit on how many pieces one can purchase and set as the completion date, but in most cases the total purchase amount is no more than what an average sized family can afford.

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A lot of people want to put together some furniture themselves. They feel that by purchasing a kit or a book that they will be able to successfully assemble it themselves. While this may be true for some individuals, the majority of them would prefer to have a professional assemble their items. There are even some people who like to hire someone else to put together the item and provide some input on what it should look like. The final decision on whether to hire someone to put furniture together is really up to the homeowner or contractor.

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If you would rather get the job done yourself, there are many options available to help you with your goal. There are many books, manuals, and websites out there that specialize in various methods for putting together furniture. Many of these instructional methods may cost quite a bit of money, but you are sure to find a few that are very effective in teaching you how to put together various pieces of furniture. Furniture assembly can be a fun experience that allows you to pick up skills that you can use for a lifetime.