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Experienced senior moving companies with extensive movers’ moving experience are best in class. Senior downsizing means moving from a large house to a smaller one, making the switch to an assisted living community or even relocating to an elderly care facility. Senior moving and packing are a complex task requiring careful planning and coordination. Hiring experienced movers will ensure that the transition is smooth and stress-free. From insurance compliance to liability protection, hiring a qualified team of moving and packing pros will ensure that your elderly loved ones are well taken care of when they relocate.

When you think about moving, downsizing and selling your things, you immediately think about the physical properties of the home. You probably also have vivid memories of the furnishings and home decor. Embracing a new home and starting over requires a completely different mindset. Dealing with the mess, dust, cobwebs and garbage of your previous residence will cause more problems than you anticipated. Hiring professional movers will help alleviate this problem, keeping your residence cleaner and free of clutter.

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When you think about senior moving service professionals, the first things that come to mind are those that you’ve heard of on TV, read about in magazines or saw in the movies. Real estate sales professionals are another popular thought, but these professionals are not the type you envision when thinking about a professional moving company. Real estate sales professionals are those that go to large corporations and other large businesses looking for people to sell their homes for them. These businesses hire them because the homes are usually in great condition. A senior moving service is different!

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The typical senior move managers duties are much different than the professional moving services professional movers. With these larger companies and corporations, the typical senior move manager’s duty would be to organize any excess belongings, furniture, clothing, antiques, electronic equipment and personal belonging. These companies are in need of efficient organized movers as well as storage units. This is where the differences begin! In order to successfully perform these larger assignments the senior move managers must have specific training and experience.

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Independent Living Centers, also known as Retirement Communities, provides independent living and temporary residence for seniors. Many Independent Living Centers is not owned by any one particular company. They are independently owned and operated by the individuals who own the centers. There are many independent living centers for seniors throughout the United States. Most of these centers are residential communities, but there are several that are assisted living communities as well. One benefit to using an independent living center is that the senior moving company will be the one to provide all of the necessary moving supplies such as packing supplies, furniture blankets, boxes, furniture covers, wheel chairs, walkers, toiletry items, dishes, kitchen items and kitchenware.

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An additional plus with a senior moving company is that they will handle all of your insurance requirements such as Medicare, Medicaid, and others. The better business bureau can also be contacted if any complaints have been filed. A good moving company will have no problem with this type of arrangement and it is more likely to be in their best interest as well as your loved one’s best interest if this arrangement is made.

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If you still want the assistance of a professional but do not want to go through the stress and frustration of arranging your belongings on your own, you may want to consider contacting senior relocation services. The more time you spend organizing your belongings the more difficult the move will be. This is not the most exciting thing in the world but it is very important to do. If you have been assigned to do your own move, make sure that you have someone close help you out. There are certain things that just do not need to be moved and could end up taking longer than expected. Your family member or close friend may just have what it takes to organize everything for you!

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Last but not least, if you do not want to go through the stress of moving your senior mother or father, look into flat fee movers. A flat fee service is the most cost effective solution for most people and it allows for much more flexibility than hiring several movers would. You can usually arrange a flat fee quote over the phone or in person and they will assist you with the rest. This is also a great option for those planning to sell their home and do not wish to incur moving costs. Many times you can even have the property sold the same day of the move and expect to get all of your money back.