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If you have a large family that consists of many different members, there’s a good chance that you’ll need help with couch moving sometime in your future. It doesn’t matter how experienced the people in the first “how to move a couch” video aren’t. No matter how much storage space your couch takes up, if you don’t have someone handy capable of moving it with minimal fuss, you’re in trouble. The people in that first video should have been pros at handling even the largest household furniture, but they were just trying to do their job. Let’s look at some other “How to move a couch” horror stories:

Let’s start with the people in the first “How to move a couch” video, who weren’t professionals movers in any way. They were hired by a moving company because they had three small children. Their job was to load up the couch, and then move it into the truck. If the truck wasn’t big enough or had no straps for the couch to secure down, they would fail and the couch would fall through the back. So, assuming that none of these moving companies have heavy duty trucks and very limited manpower, let’s look at how to move a couch the right way.

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The person in the first moving video used rope ladders to help them lift the couch. This is a bad idea for several reasons. First, lifting the couch by rope isn’t recommended for anyone suffering from back problems or who needs to maintain correct posture while picking up and moving a heavy couch. Also, the truck the couch will be stored in will most likely not have enough ropes to safely handle a move like this. The best advice for how to move a couch without using a ladder is to rent a moving stair lift from your local rental company.

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The second method of how to move a couch the wrong way is by using a chain link fence to move the couch across. This is an excellent idea if you are in a neighborhood where the noise from the road is blocking your neighbor’s doors. Unfortunately, it is also an ineffective method for how to move a couch as well. Not only is it unattractive but it will also likely block the exit path to the street and make it impossible to find your front door, much less your garage. A much better option for how to move a couch that won’t blow across the yard is a pick-up truck.

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Pick-up trucks are equipped with rear windows that provide an excellent view of the back side of the couch. Many pick-up trucks have hard straps on the backside of the bed to hold the couch in place so that it doesn’t blow across the yard. In addition to a rear window that offers an excellent view, many models are equipped with extra cargo pockets for holding other important items, such as blankets and boxes. These pockets are perfect for people who like to take everything out of sight, but don’t have a problem with moving the couch across the yard.

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Another popular method for how to move a couch the wrong way is by simply using a dolly. It sounds easy, but this method is actually quite dangerous, as it requires a lot of care in loading the dolly with the furniture. If you are attempting to move a very heavy couch, or one with lots of springs, this method may not be the safest one. As with any moving apparatus, the dolly should always be loaded from behind, to prevent it from kicking, which could cause the entire thing to topple over.

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One last way to move a couch the wrong way is by simply asking a friend or family member to help you move it. While asking someone to help can be a lot of fun, it is a bad idea for how to move a couch that is too heavy or has a number of springs in it. It is much safer to ask someone you know to help you move it, rather than hiring movers to do it for you. This is especially true if the couch is large and heavy, as many of these types of couches are. Someone who is not used to moving large furniture may be hurt if they are not careful when handling the couch, which would also defeat the point of hiring movers in the first place.

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No matter how you move a couch, you need to be very careful to ensure the safety of everyone in the household. The safest way to move a couch is to use a heavy furniture dolly, which has wheels on all four sides. This device will be able to move the couch both up and down the stairs, and will be safe enough to move the couch by yourself. Once the move is completed, everyone can go back to enjoying their new piece of furniture, which will be well protected from damage while it is being moved.

Oak Forest Couch Moving
Oak Forest Couch Moving
Oak Forest Couch Moving