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Furniture assembly is a unique craft that has both pluses and minuses. While the skilled hands of some can earn top dollar for a weekend’s work, those without the proper know-how are often left penniless at the end of the week. And yet there are many people who seem almost incapable of putting pieces together unless it is under the strict supervision of an expert. In fact, the job itself is surprisingly easy once the basic tools are in place and the process flows naturally.

Furniture assembly specialists assemble a wide assortment of ready-made furniture and semi-custom items from various manufacturers around the country. Whether you have the finished product at home or you simply want a helping hand moving and gathering your furniture for assembly, they will take care of it right away. Or if you require a helping hand gathering and moving your furniture for assembly on your behalf, you could also ask for this, as well.

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There are many different types of taskers to choose from. Some assembly tasks might be accomplished by one person, while another person does the same task. A few assembly tasks might even be done by more than one person. Each assembly task may then be divided up into specific jobs, which are then segregated by type. Some assembly tasks might even be subdivided further, with individual assembling tasks being assigned to individuals, while larger tasks such as putting together furniture pieces would be best handled by teams.

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Because the assembly of furniture pieces requires the collective effort of several individuals, it only makes sense that companies that provide work for assembly would develop an entire framework for helping to ascertain the proper assembly line to use. The company that assembles products will develop a set of standards that help to determine how individual assemblers should proceed. This system can also be applied to large assemblies of various products. A few guidelines are:

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When assembling a single piece, each part is assembled as it goes. The job description of an assembler may call for parts to be put in order one after the other. However, some parts are necessary for certain other actions. For instance, it might be impossible to put a single chair together unless all the legs are properly attached. Furniture assembly professionals will know the best way to combine multiple parts to make a complete, functioning piece.

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When assembling a larger, multi-piece item, such as a bed frame, it might be necessary for the assembler to know the correct number of joints to assemble, the right way to connect them and where to drill holes before actually beginning the assembly process. Furniture companies use a standard used in manufacturing: the national average cost of production for the piece. By knowing this cost, the furniture assembly professional can estimate how long it will take to complete the project.

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Assembled furniture usually requires three to four fitters for every inch of wall unit or cabinet. Basic woodworking skills are required for most fitters. Furniture manufacturers usually provide their own fitters or charge a small amount to use their fitters. It is important to choose experienced and well-trained fitters so that the finished product is safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Furniture assembly requires hours of hard work. Most individuals working as assemblers charge an hourly wage based upon the time they spend working on a single piece. These hourly rates are often much higher than what it would cost to hire a skilled craftsman to assemble the same piece. A good rule of thumb is to purchase a piece that you know you can assemble yourself and pay the least amount of money for it that you know you can do. By doing this you can assure that the finished piece will be as sturdy as it can be and still be within your price range.