Are you down for the count?

Giving up on new projects?
As an experienced industry leader JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc Chatham County is well aware of the busy times. The chaotic moments such as a busy season, a big project, or a holiday rush are the ideal time for you to hire a temporary employee. We know you need a staff that will allow you to fulfill all your orders on time.
No matter how sophisticated and advanced your warehouse management system is, you need to hire a temporary staff when the time comes that orders are spiked and your workforce is low. It is no secret that temporary employees comprise a considerable amount of the workforce for businesses.
Adding more staff helps keep your business operating smoothly during the lean times without using up valuable resources. By making the most of your staffing budget, you can increase efficiency because you may keep your temporary workers for as long as you need extra help and then end the assignment when your busy period is all over.
The job posting, application review, interviews with the best candidates, background checks, selection of a candidate, reference checks, offer making, and compensation negotiation all take a lot of time. The standard hiring practices can take even a few weeks. That is why a lot of people are looking for temporary employment instead. Many potential candidates have submitted resumes, which we have on file, and can swiftly find competent, eager people to fill your position. Allow JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc to staff you with the best warehouse workers in Chatham County.
When using third-party logistics services in Chatham County, you should understand how your 3PL uses temporary labor and how it might impact work quality. So, your clients can be assured that even when they are in times of extreme demand, you have a backup plan to find warehouse workers to help fulfill demands and they know you can fulfill orders no matter what fluctuating demands come your way. You understand the value of having a flexible and reliable warehouse management system.

JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc operates dedicated third-party logistic warehouse centers throughout Chatham County. Our dedicated operations are highly customized to your precise needs in Chatham County. In support of eCommerce fulfillment, we do a large volume of pick and pack services.
Acquiring a new customer in Chatham County?
We provide temporary warehouse labor and dedicated operations for warehousing in Chatham County, turnkey solutions for logistics services, and turn your distribution center into a competitive advantage. We allow you to make strategic use of that temporary labor. We can facilitate value-added logistics services for catering to any requirements of our Chatham County clients and provide inclusive temporary warehousing staff both for importing and exporting cargo. They have the capabilities and facilities to provide the appropriate type of service you need. Our warehousing staff will fit your warehousing labor needs. We have worked with many large warehousing companies in Chatham county and the surrounding area, and have a reputation for quality warehouse personnel. Our labors are drug tested and background checked.
Our Chatham County reliable team of temporary workers supports a flexible fulfillment model with confidence and they can handle unexpected volume surges that give your business more freedom. Our staff not only know their clients’ products and packaging requirements but they develop a strong sense of ownership in their work output.
Are you tired of quality problems and late deliveries?
Quality fulfillment is our hallmark you won’t have to bear inaccurate orders, late deliveries, and improper packaging with our temporary warehouse staff. The temporary warehousing laborers can select items from storage and get them ready for shipment, pick products in a warehouse, and prepares them for customer orders. They will ensure online customer orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. These Chatham County labors have years of experience and are trained to handle, move, and store various non-hazardous and hazardous materials within a warehouse.
Our commitment is to become a true partner with every customer by providing the highest level of service. We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all operations, personal accountability, and teamwork.

We have been consistently doing everything possible to exceed our customers’ expectations and cater to their specific needs. Our Chatham County temporary warehousing staff will deliver on all commitments and promises of quality each and every day.

In search of trustable workers to test and assess products?

We are concerned that you have invested a lot of effort into building a strong reputation based on dependability and trust. Our staff works equally hard to uphold your position in the industry and establishes a long-lasting relationship between your company and ours. Delivering the best service possible on time and consistently will only succeed in achieving that goal.

You probably spend the majority of your operating budget on this essential skilled labor because your warehouse needs employees who can handle a variety of tasks over several shifts. With an effective temporary warehouse staffing solution in Chatham County created just for you when you engage with Allegiance Staffing, we will help you optimize your revenues.

Benefits of Hiring Temporary warehousing Staff in Chatham County

3PLs is beneficial in a number of ways:

  • Temporary labor gives you additional help for your busy schedule.
  • Temporary employers fill positions quickly.
  • Staffing temporary employees allow your company to see them at work. Bringing them in as temps will ultimately enable you to make these temporary employees permanent.
  • The primary benefit of hiring temporary warehousing labor is that you pay only for the labor you need.
  • You avoid the overhead costs such as benefits, unemployment claims, vacation days, and retirement funds associated with permanent staffing. We will cater to your on-demand staffing needs in the best possible ways and provide you with the solution to warehouse fulfillment temp hiring.

Consider partnering with JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc at (877) 745-3646 if your warehouse needs temporary warehousing team members in Chatham County. Our professionals can help you meet your production deadlines and best management by providing quality temporary employees in Chatham County who are eager to work for you.