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“We have helped thousands of business people and executives relocate their offices or operate from a new location for more than 35 years. Our services are designed to keep you, your staff and your clients’ needs in mind through every step of the move. We provide commercial moving experts, commercial movers and experienced loading, unloading and assembly service for any size move.”

“When you need to move to a new office or facility, it’s important to choose the right commercial moving company with the right skill set and experience to make the move easier and less stressful for you. There is nothing worse than trying to pack all of your furniture, equipment and materials into the same vehicle as your business equipment and furniture. That stress can easily be alleviated with the assistance of a quality moving company that is well-versed in commercial moving procedures. Eagle Cargo is a highly skilled commercial moving company that will take the stress out of your move.”

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“After almost a quarter of a century of providing commercial moving service, we have learned that one of the keys to a smooth business relocation is to ensure that all of the major aspects of the move are managed by one company. We have found that having one company that handles all of the major aspects of the move reduces stress and frees up time for you so that you can spend your time doing what you enjoy. The more time you have to do the things you enjoy, the better your business relocation will go. It also makes it easier for you to coordinate the different aspects of the move together so you don’t have to leave key aspects of the operation out while the move is in progress.”

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“When you use a commercial moving company to help with your office move or any other move within your company, you have a team of trained professionals who have years of moving experience. The best commercial movers offer an extensive variety of commercial transportation services that enable you to move your items in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner. The best commercial movers can provide storage options and secure warehouse facilities that can save time, money and stress when moving your office. They are trained to provide on-site packing, secure storage and off-site pick-up and delivery options.”

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“A commercial moving company is ideally suited to help you with a corporate relocation or office move. This type of moving operation takes on a unique challenge because corporate personnel tend to operate differently than their personal counterparts. They need to move with a minimal amount of notice and have alternative pick up locations in case their original location cannot accommodate their move. You have to think about the additional time it will take for your employees to learn new work locations when they are not physically going back to their old stomping grounds.

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Your business relocation specialist will be able to provide you with several packing options. These options include both air and ground moving. Your professional moving planner will help you determine which packing method will work best for your move. They will also help you determine which option provides you with the most security. They may recommend that you utilize a secure local pick up and delivery service as a better option for your business relocation.

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Many business relocation companies also offer office furniture assistance during the move. If you are looking to pack and load your belongings yourself, know exactly how much office furniture you will need and know exactly what type of office furniture you will be packing. The last thing you want to do is to load up your entire office with office furniture and then realize you don’t have enough space to move it yourself. If you are unsure of the types of furniture and items you will need, ask for recommendations from your office relocation specialists. They will know exactly what you need and which professionals to call to make the move a breeze.

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There are so many reasons to engage the services of a commercial moving company for your next move. Business relocation is never an easy task and should be approached with great care. Remember to ask for recommendations from your relocation specialists. They will know exactly what steps to take to make the move go smoothly.