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Are you worried about how to move furniture? If so, you will be pleased to know that there are companies that will help you. They will provide a specialized and qualified moving team that will make your furniture removal process easy, fast, and stress free. In order to get this service, you need to start by asking friends, family members, and co-workers for referrals.

For those who prefer to keep their belongings in their original homes, the best way to move furniture is to take advantage of the services of furniture delivery. This way, you can save money and still have your furniture safely delivered. Unlike tipping a delivery driver or hairdresser, gratuities on furniture delivery are not needed. Typically, furniture companies charge a flat rate for shipping and arrange for this service from a local third-party provider. You will save money because you do not have to pay for gas or hire a vehicle of your own to transport your furnishings.

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If you decide to shop around, you may be surprised at the variety of furniture delivery options available. Most furniture shipping companies provide this service in both truck and van sizes. Smaller furniture pieces such as chairs and tables may fit in a regular sized van while larger items like couches and beds can be handled in a truck. However, it depends upon the furniture maker as to which size they recommend. There are even some couches and day beds that can fit completely inside of a standard van if you rent one.

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If you want to find a reputable furniture delivery service, you should find out what their recommendations are for packing. Some people say to simply tape up boxes and place them inside a plastic protective sleeve, but the factory direct way is to wrap with bubble wrap and lay it down on top of the box. The factory-direct method also says to put the foam inserts in first, then stuff in the drywall, next put the foam inserts in last. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually not that hard. Most delivery persons know how to do this correctly.

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You should also ask the furniture manufacturer what packing methods they suggest. Some say to stick with bubble wrap and others say to use the “heavy duty” shrink wrap that comes with many large orders. Ask the delivery technicians how long the delivery window is and ask them if there is any way to package your furniture differently to speed up the process.

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Some companies prefer delivery teams that assemble the new furniture on site. These trucks come fully assembled and all you have to do is plug it in and push the start button. They will also provide assembly help if needed. However, you may have to call in other assembly people if you have a larger order for furniture.

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Some companies prefer that their furniture is delivered by a truck full of assemble furniture or half furniture. This takes only two hours but arrives much earlier than a truck full of delivered furniture. You can usually expect these assembled furniture pieces to arrive in good shape. However, the assembly may be required as part of the delivery process.

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If you have furniture coming in that does not need assembly, such as a flat pack crib bed, just ask the company you are dealing with if they would pre-assemble the item for you. They should have a two-hour delivery window. If you have assembly required, it will probably take that amount of time. Ask the delivery representative what the delivery schedule is and consider going with a two-hour delivery window if your furniture is assembled on site instead.