J.C. Movers and Lumper Services was established in 2002 to meet the need for reliable, on-time moving and lumper and delivery services in Hillside, IL. We saw the demand for honest, transparent, and diligent services, and responded accordingly by creating a licensed, insured, and capable moving and lumper company. We provide experienced award-winning staffing solutions as well, with warehouse staff arriving at your location within 24 to 48 hours. Our qualified and efficient workforce offers flexible contracts that fit your business’s needs, optimizing your transport operations like never before. If you are looking for lumpers in your area, just search “lumper services near me,” select J.C. Movers and Lumper Services, and give our team a call.

What is a Lumper?

We’re glad you asked! For many working in this industry, the definition of a lumper is second-knowledge, but those who are unfamiliar with it may not know the word for the service they are seeking. A lumper is a hired laborer who works either with loading or unloading cargo goods in the supply chain, is an integral part of the fulfillment process, and can mean the difference between a safe and timely load and a missed service level goal. Lumpers can augment supply chain distribution in a vast selection of industries, but may most commonly work for food or grocery goods.

Lumpers are hired by professional lumping companies, like J.C. Movers and Lumper Services, that institute necessary training programs for their employees, maintain worker’s compensation benefits, and hold liability insurance on the work performed by their employees. It is crucial to hire a qualified lumper company that can guarantee secure work from their employees.

Why Hire Our Lumper Services?

When you need to save time, overall costs, and still increase your profitability, you need a professional lumper service company in Hillside, IL — you need J.C. Movers and Lumper Services. You know you can trust a company that operates on two decades of experience and has unloaded over a million containers and trailers. Through experience, we have refined our process down to a science — our lumper services provide a synchronized system that works.

But Wait, We’ll Also Help You Move!

No one likes to move or load and unload boxes. It can be hard work, plus it’s incredibly stressful and time-consuming. When working under a deadline, it can make the task seem that much more complicated. J.C. Movers and Lumper Services is your go-to moving company in Chicago, providing experienced and highly skilled movers to make the moving process as seamless and efficient as possible. From assembling and cleaning services to commercial moving and general day labor services, we have got your needs covered.

We are licensed, insured, and can guarantee that our services will take the weight of moving off your shoulders. Our movers are polite, professional, and take great care in moving your belongings and property. We are the white-glove moving company in Chicago that you have been looking for. Give our team a call today to receive a quote for your next move.

Call J.C. Movers and Lumper Services

When you work with us, you’ll immediately see and appreciate the difference that our scope and uncompromising professional standards can bring to your supply chain system. For highly efficient and cost-effective professional lumper services, search “lumper services near me” and choose J.C. Movers and Lumper Services. Give us a call today!