Get The Moving Support You Need From J.C. Movers & Lumper Services Inc.

Why make moving any harder than it has to be? This is the perfect chance to finally hire professional movers to make this move easy, effortless, and hassle-free.

With J.C. Movers & Lumper Services Inc., you receive up-front pricing and can hire the number of movers you need, depending on the size of your move. Got a small apartment? Two professional movers start at $90 per hour. How about a large property? No sweat, five professional movers begin at $205 per hour.

For a real-time quote, get in touch with J.C. Movers & Lumper Services Inc., and in the meantime, learn more about our services in today’s post.

Residential Moving Services in Chicago

There are some tasks that are just worth delegating to the professionals, and moving your Chicago-based residence is just one of them!

When you partner with J.C. Movers & Lumper Services Inc., you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your possessions are in great care — everything will arrive and be unloaded safely, carefully, and efficiently!

All you have to do is schedule our residential moving services!

Commercial Lumping Services in Chicago

From commercial moving projects to skilled moving labor services, J.C. Movers & Lumper Services Inc. in the Chicago area creates ease for your company.

What do our services include? Need help downstacking and palletizing? How about pallet racking or freight running? We can do it all! When you partner with us you can effectively decrease operation costs, improve the productivity of your employees, and optimize your space.

Comprehensive Moving Services

J.C. Movers & Lumper Services Inc. does much more than just move your things from one location to another, additionally, we can pack things up for you before the transport, assemble things once they arrive, and we even provide cleaning services!

For a truly hands-on and white glove moving experience, partner with our expert Chicago movers today!

The Hands-Down Best Benefits Of Hiring Professional Movers

When it comes down to it, hiring a professional Chicago moving company minimizes stress and helps you reclaim time to focus on things that matter.

When it’s time to move, it’s not just a moving day that you have to prepare for. There are the tasks of sorting through your belongings and hosting a garage sale or donating items, cleaning your old space, and taking care of logistics such as switching your utilities and internet to the new place.

That’s one hefty to-do list.

So why not take something off your plate, and let someone else do the heavy lifting?

Beyond saving yourself stress and reclaiming your time, hiring professional movers ensures that your things are safely taken care of, and you never have to worry about injuring yourself!

The time to hire a professional moving company is today!