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With the growing competition in the global market, businesses need to improve inbound and outbound freight, as well as warehouse operations in Chatham County, GA. The efficiency of freight transportation is multiplied many times over in the supply chain, thereby creating a competitive advantage for economies with high-efficiency and low-cost transportation needed intensely.
An informal term describing the loading and unloading of truck freight by individuals that are carried out other than employees of motor carriers, receivers, or shippers, is “lumping” considered an enhancement in freight transportation.
An integral part of the motor carrier industry that has long been recognized is Lumper services. Motor carriers are compelled by increasingly competitive conditions to provide more services to customers, including loading and unloading, with lower rates to suit their budget. We understand that there are reservations about outsourcing supply chain labor in Chatham County, GA. One of the most common perceptions is the loss of control over labor. The goal of our project is to establish a new standard for outsourcing. Our technical ability and comprehensive reporting capabilities allow our clients to make informed decisions about their operations.
JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc Chatham County, GA is an expert in loading, unloading, and warehouse logistics to develop meaningful partnerships with clients. Chatham County Lumper Service helps employees maximize their success, combines a unique blend of proven human resource policies, technology, and significant industry experience. Our dedicated support specifically tailored for each operation, incorporate the client’s goals, operations, and procedures to provide cost-saving solutions. With a reliable and professionally trained staff, JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc Chatham County, GA is bringing new levels of productivity and transparency to carriers, vendors, and distribution centers. Our flexible pricing models, labor procedures, scalable workforce translate to substantial improvements in cost reduction and avoid risk and liability by outsourcing.

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Expert freight loading workforce?
Our lumper services in Chatham County, GA can benefit everyone, avoid the risk of injury in helping load, and unload freight, and improve customer relations. We are equipped with sorting systems to handle the flow of items.

Our detail-oriented freight handler assists the logistics department by moving freight to designated locations in the storage facility and assisting with the loading and unloading of goods. We maintain freight records to ensure success as a freight handler. Our first-class freight handlers demonstrate extensive experience in freight handling and have sound knowledge of workplace safety. The organizational skills of JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc Chatham County, GA contribute to highly efficient freight handling practices while loading, unloading, and moving freight between delivery and storage areas as instructed. Using boards or pallets we coordinate your freight and stack it at specified locations. Our extensive experience allows proficiency in moving your freight manually or with specialized machinery, such as reach trucks, forklifts, and pallet jacks in Chatham County, GA. We do not forget to perform prescribed safety checks on freight handling equipment and adhere to safety regulations.
The speed of unloading the container matters a lot whether it is a truck, container, and railcar. It is not easy to unload a container but having it with JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc will give you an efficient and cost-effective 3rd party freight unloading service irrespective of the size and type of content it contains in Chatham County, GA. We do unloading and re-configuration of palletized freight, which businesses are looking for. Unloading a container is hard physical work means that the work is slower and time-consuming either. So, we work in teams to carry such types of cases and place them on a pallet.

Our Lumper service in Chatham County, GA

With the majority of our current operations in other regions, JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc has the capacity to take on new customers and service them in Chatham County. By integrating new work volume into our current operations we can unload everything immediately and then get them transferred from the inbound truck to the outbound truck in an efficient method available. Your complex Lumper service price depends on the size of the labor requirement and distance.

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Using the Cross docking strategy we immediately unload the cargo from an incoming container and load it directly to an outbound carrier. Our goal is just to keep the supply chain more effective and efficient by applying this simplest and fastest process and saving time because time is everything so there must be no room for unnecessary delay for any growing business in Chatham County, GA. We make consolidated arrangements to cater to your freight needs.

Time management, fast delivery, and efficient work are our hallmarks we understand these are the heartbeat of every successful business. To help ship orders we offer the best variations of pick and pack strategy, a high level of organization, coordination, and attention to detail for saving time and money. Strategically located in the Chatham County logistics market, JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc is a full Lumper service providing company successfully helping to control your logistics needs for years. We have been providing comprehensive Lumper services and all associated value-added logistics services for a diverse variety of clients and industries. Material or load handling is a key part of the Lumper business so our experienced and professional material handlers control every movement and care for the protection of our customers’ products.

We offer flexible storage space at a variable cost which can expand on your business conditions and demands. Our strategic processing is a key element of our business. We handle goods with care and accuracy from pick up to the final destination. The fully customizable Warehouse Management System of JC Movers & Lumper Service Inc Chatham County, GA does an inventory of products based on needs and creates a unique system for quick and efficient order picking and processing. We bring, store, make an inventory of the product and ship it to the final destination with a 100% unique system and success rate in Chatham County, GA.
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